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17. Nov: Update 1: Prep Work

Hello all,

you may have noticed a lot of movement around Oldtown yesterday. That is because we have now begun to slowly tackle the task of preparing the site for the city build. Right now, we're still in the stage of getting a good overview of everything and laying down some very basic markers for us to use for orienting ourselves around the area.

I will update you with how you may help shortly! Thus far, tests are still desired, so if you're feeling creative, head over to this thread for more information! If you want to give feedback on the project in general, please use the brand new Oldtown: Feedback and Suggestions thread.

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29.Nov: Update 2: Prep Work

Hello all,

here's another update on your (soon to be, if not already) favourite project.
In order to stay on top of things as well as guarantee a pleasing result I've decided to use a few concepts loaned from agile development processes.

Wikipedia describes the very (very, very, very) basic principle as follows:
Most agile development methods break product development work into small increments that minimize the amount of up-front planning and design. Iterations, or sprints, are short time frames (timeboxes) that typically last from one to four weeks. Each iteration involves a cross-functional team working in all functions: planning, analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing. At the end of the iteration a working product is demonstrated to stakeholders. This minimizes overall risk and allows the product to adapt to changes quickly.[20] An iteration might not add enough functionality to warrant a market release, but the goal is to have an available release (with minimal bugs) at the end of each iteration.[21] Multiple iterations might be required to release a product or new features.

Working software is the primary measure of progress.

We're not staying too true to these principles, but will adapt those that make sense in our concept:
  • small increments/many iterations
  • minimized upfront planning and design
  • separations into sprints
  • frequent feedback rounds with stakeholders (here: the entire community)
This is supposed to allow us to adapt to changes and feedback easily, and increase our overall flexibility and efficiency. It furthermore allows us to split projects into tasks, and easily keep track of them.

Here's how it works:
We split our workload into so-called sprints, which are time windows of any given size (could be a couple hours, a week, ... ). We will ignore the fixed time window, I think. Instead, we'll work in Progression Phases, which contain of a number of things that need to happen before we can complete the sprint and move on to the next phase. You'll find an overview of all current tasks (the ones that I could think of two weeks ago) on the Trello-Board I've created for this (I've been using our mod Asana for this, but I can't make that accessible to others that might be interested in helping.)

The full work-cycle looks somewhat like this:
  1. The 'Backlog' column contains all tasks we need to complete. We may add more at any given time.
  2. Before every sprint we make up our minds to isolate the tasks we think we can or should complete during that sprint and move it to the 'Current Sprint' column.
  3. During the sprint we work on a task and move it to the 'In Progress' column.
  4. If it's complete, we move it to the 'Completed' column.
  5. After each sprint we review our success and progress.
  6. If we didn't complete a task during a sprint, we move it back to the 'Current Sprint' or even the 'Backlog'.
During the sprint we'd ideally have frequent and regular, but short meetings to keep everyone involved on the same page. I opened a permanent Oldtown Channel on Discord, which will serve as a platform for this.

So, sounds complicated, but is actually rather easy to grasp. We won't be too strict about this approach either, but I'm sure it can help us with this massive project.


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21. Dec: Update 3: Prep Work

Hallo all,

in the last 4 weeks we've tackled a few more tasks and prep work is well underway. Unfortunatelly, I find myself increasingly busy since mid december, which is why there has not been any progress since then.


The image shows the plateau that we've reached since mid december.

With approaching exams and a number of important projects taking up more of my attention, this state is not likely to change until mid february. I will probably find some time over the holidays however, so expect a little bit progress. If you're willing to help hit me up when you see me the next few days.

So long. Enjoy the holidays, y'all!


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Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce that the long awaited Oldtown document has been finished!
However, we're still hard at work filtering the last quirks out of the document as well as making it more intuitive.

We're aiming to publish the document sometime this weekend, but it could be later as we're both on a busy schedule IRL.

Love and kisses


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Hello everyone!

It's finally there, the nefariously unfinished Oldtown Doc. The document illustrates the fundamental characteristics of the city EStoop and I envision.
Please take the time to skim through the document, and don't hesitate to let us know what you like or dislike in the feedback thread on the forums or Discord.

We are aware that the document leaves a number of blank spaces, especially about how exactly one might contribute. Expect a more intuitive guide for what roles you can play within this project soon(tm).

Inspiration Pictures
Discord Channel
Feedback Forum Thread
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Hello all,

please help us hammer out some detailed block palettes and styles for each of the four eras as described in the document. This can include more elaborate and detailed wall and road tests but must also show all blocks used, including their IDs written on a sign against the block.

Go to /warp OtPalettes to find out more.


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Update | Summer ambitions
An official update regarding Oldtown is long overdue.

The coming few weeks to months we’ll be focussing on creating an in-depth and thorough style guide for Oldtown. Our ambition is to finish this before July, but as you most likely all have noticed by now, time goes faster than we can keep up with and deadlines are hard to meet. Regardless, we feel confident in being able to officially open the first district during the summer, and hopefully more over the course of the summer.

In the meantime, the active Oldtown teams will from now on focus on a limited number of subdistricts at a time. More info about that here. The subdistricts they will be working on now are FFE, FFD, BBB and AQA. Team leaders will provide each team with plans for the subdistricts in due time.

The Oldtown teams are a long-term dedication that should be fun for everyone involved. If you are part of a team but wish to leave that team for whatever reason, feel free to resign from the team by contacting your team leader. If you’re not part of a team yet but wish to become part of an already active team, feel free to contact a team leader.

We’ll be setting up the remaining teams soon, expect more information about those in the coming months.

That’s all for now!

Love, hugs and kisses,

Team Oldtown
The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. We are happy to announce that CashBanks and I will be holding the first OT severbuild day this Saturday.

For the first serverbuild, we will focus on the sewers. Thanks to Iwan , Luk and the help of some benevolent individuals, progress has already been made on the eastern sewers. The sewers are monotonous work that is understandably less interesting for a small group of people to complete. Under the motto "many hands make light work", we are now trying a more collective approach.

The aim is to complete the eastern sewer system and, if possible, start on the sewer system under the old town.

The guide with gradient examples can be found at /warp otsewersguide

We will start on Saturday 7 January at 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET, 2:00 AWST, 10:00 PST, 1:00 EST.

See you then!
A quick reminder that the server build is starting in half an hour.

Below, I'll give some more information about the sewers to make the server build easier.

Types of sewers

  1. The normal white sewers with blue glass in them are freshwater tunnels. These distribute fresh water throughout the city.
  2. Below the big roads are bigger tunnels. These are the storm drains. They help clear the roads and carry the water away during heavy rainfall.
  3. The grey tunnels with mud are waste sewers carrying dirty water out of the city.
  4. Tunnels with gray concrete are either dry tunnels or storm drains.


You'll notice that throughout the sewer system there are green and red blocks.

Green means the tunnel is finished​
Red means the tunnel is unfinished.​

Sometimes there is an accompanying tag that further explains what needs to be done. Pink arrow blocks show in what direction the tunnel is unfinished.
Once you have finished a tunnel, let me know. I will check and change the red block into a yellow block.

What needs to be done?

  1. Most commonly, tunnels need to have gradients. The guide with gradient examples can be found at /warp otsewersguide.
  2. All red blocks need to be addressed.
  3. Not all storm drains are in place. We will need a small team of people to build the missing storm drains. The locations are marked by a red line above the roseroad.


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Hey all,

I have decided to step down as co-lead of Oldtown.
Throughout the project so far, I've been primarily focussed on the planning aspect rather than the execution of the project. I think the plans are something to look forward to, but I think we can all agree we've been looking forward to it for long enough.

I have full confidence in the project continueing the path laid out for it, but hopefully under leadership more involved than I am.

Kind Regards,


OT Update - Sewers

We held our first serverbuild two weeks ago. Builder engagement surpassed our expectations. We appreciate everyone who took the time to contribute. We are really happy with the progress that has been made so far. You can all get a hug from Iwan as a token of appreciation from the OT-leads.

A special thanks to Homiesucc , IMajic and lemonbear for helping out throughout the serverbuild all the way until the end. In addition, we wish to thank:
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions, or general feedback about the server build. We would love to hear your ideas on how we can improve server builds. This is still a learning process for us, and we are looking for methods to make the handling better.

What comes next?

Not everything has been completed yet. Before going further into the city, we want to complete the east section of the sewers. Two major tasks need to be completed:
  1. Gradients are needed for the storm drains.
  2. The server build's leftover issues must be fixed.


I've written notes of all remaining tasks on pink blocks that are floating above surface. Together with the sewer team, we wish to finish these remaining tasks and complete this sewer section. Keep in mind that not all pink notes can be resolved at this time. Some require that we hold off until the 1.18 upgrade.

In order to complete the abovementioned tasks, we are now again accepting applications for the sewerteam. If you want to join the sewer team, let us know in the water & sewage thread, and I'll add you to the discord. Know that if you're apart an OT team, you can also still participate in other teams.

Once the eastern section is completed, we can start looking towards organising the next server build day. ;)
Oldtown progress update

As you might know, we have been focusing on two goals when it comes to Oldtown. The first being sewers and the underground of Oldtown. The second being the construction of the first harbour district. Below, you can find a brief update about the ongoing activities at Oldtown.

Part 1: Advancements on the Oldtown infrastructure

Step 1: Near Completion of Sewers on the East Bank

The construction of sewers on the east bank is nearing completion.
  • Finishing the cisterns
  • Making sure all connections transition well

Step 2: Moving to the Next Phase - Catacombs in the Old City

With the sewers near completion, attention is now shifting towards the next phase of development. We wish to start the construction of the catacombs. The catacombs will be full of corridors, old halls and smaller rooms. These areas will be testable.

ⓘ Anyone wishing to help can make tests at /warp otcatacombs and /warp otcisterns. Make sure to ask me directly for feedback. I want to directly paste these tests into the catacombs, so feel free to try your hand at smaller tombs, family burial or even bigger halls?

Reference picture for the undercity can be found here.

Part 2: Progress in the Development of the Harbour District

Step 1: Harbour Wall Progress

With the harbour walls and gates plotted, we have our first area at OT ready for plotting.
  • Riverfront embankment needs to still be added.
  • Protruding wall segment with tower and sea postern-gate still needs to be done.
Step 2: Plotting the Harbour District

Currently, we are focusing on plotting the harbour district. We are testing out layouts and designs that can be used to finalize the style guide. This step is vital in ensuring that the district meets the vision and objectives set for its development. It will take time to refine this area and make sure it is a good starting point for Oldtown.

ⓘ If anyone wishes to help define the styleguide, tests for any type of housing are always welcome!

Step 3: Opening the First OT District
The goal is still to open the first Oldtown district (Caulkburn) this summer.

Description of the district

Caulkburn is located below the old city walls on the eastern bank of the Whispering Sound. The district is known for its many shipyards and workshops that make the air thick with smoke. Few people live in this district, but the few who do are amongst the poorest of the city.

Ships lay anchor in the Whispering Sound or dock in the large harbour at Caulkburn for repairs. Goods are produced further inland, such as sails, ropes, lumber, but also iron, steel, glass, leather.


  • Wharves, workshops where boats, galleys and ships are made.
  • Lots of industry that is not desired in the city.
  • Lots of industry that are focussed on boatbuilding.
- The Oldtown document

The opening of this district will be a major milestone in the overall development of Oldtown.

The (near) completion of the sewers, progress on the harbour wall, plotting the Harbour District, and the upcoming opening of the first OT district signify great strides in the overall developments of Oldtown. It feels like Oldtown is moving again, and I want to thank every member of the community for their collaboration and dedication to the project. No matter how big or small it may be. I am genuinely very excited to see what this summer will bring.
Oldtown progress update

"The time has come to light the beacon atop the Hightower and spread the word."

The first district of Oldtown, named 'Caulkburn’, will open on September 9th at 6:00 PM GMT+1.


Caulkburn is located below the old city walls on the eastern bank of the Whispering Sound. The district is known for its many shipyards and workshops that make the air thick with smoke. Few people live in this district, but the few who do are amongst the poorest of the city.

Ships lay anchor in the Whispering Sound or dock in the large harbour at Caulkburn for repairs. Goods are produced further inland, such as sails, ropes, lumber, but also iron, steel, glass, leather.

  • Wharves, workshops where boats, galleys and ships are made.
  • Lots of industry that is not desired in the city.
  • Lots of industry that are focussed on boatbuilding.

General Information:
  • Caulkburn is a modest district primarily comprised of shipyards and industry. Its inhabitants are amongst the poorest in the city. This means they rent small apartments with simple interiors and possess very few personal belongings.
  • This is one of the newest districts in Oldtown, which is evident in its architecture and gradients. Unless otherwise specified, utilize simple weathering techniques and reach gradients. Brick infill is allowed to be used.
  • The district is known for prioritizing function over form. Most buildings are simple structures constructed primarily to serve their industrial purposes. Keep exteriors straightforward with limited decoration.

We have tested Oldtown plotting over the past two months, resulting in the district being filled with semi-graded shells. These shells indicate the intended look of each plot and can be adjusted and modified by builders if necessary. You'll encounter a variety of different plots within the district—some requiring exterior completion, while others primarily need interior work. It varies from plot to plot. The next section of the district will contain plots that still require full design by builders.

The district primarily consists of multi-tenant buildings that are too large for a single person to build. We encourage builders to collaborate on these structures or subdivide them into sections for different people to build. If you wish to claim a multi-tenant building, please comment on one of the posts in the Caulkburn channel here: https://discord.gg/d3yCbxkqa5 . Make sure to include the names of the individuals who have collaborated on the tenant and specify their contributions so that appropriate feedback can be provided.

You can find the district guide at /Warp caulkburn. Please make sure you go over the interior section of the guide before commencing building. They have example of best practices and which blocks can or shouldn’t be used.

See you at Oldtown.

Kisses from Iwan and Endy
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