N1codeemus Builder Application


Faith Militant
What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
Searched online

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
The dynamic characters and plot.

What is your favorite build on our server?
Red Keep because it's almost as I imagined it!

Why do you want to join our server?
I know medieval history somehow well and I can provide the server with my knowledge and building skills. I like designing stuff.

Tell us about your build.
It is a basic farmer house. There is a couple and their two children. I chose materials that I thought would fit the westeroscraft style and the farmers' status.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow.


A Knight at the Opera
Hey N1Codeemus,
Thanks for this application, glad to see you've explored the server and you're interested in lending a hand and we always need more history buffs on the team.

You've done well with this house, I've just got a handful of suggested improvements that'll help with your future builds.

The house is 90% perfect, my main suggestion would be to just make the house a little taller so each floor is 3 blocks high, this just gives everyone a little more headroom and more flexibility with interior details.

Instead of that fence/wooden carpet combo you'd be fine to use one of our piston blocks or a wooden hopper.
You could also use half doors instead of fence blocks for the staircase guard rail so it connects up to the stone wall and gives a little more walking space.

Otherwise the stone block mix looks good and the daub is nice and symmetrical and there's a lot of other nice details too, so you're off to a good start.
For your first challenge build, please make a Low Class Farmer's house in the style of /warp hawthornetown and share screenshots of it in this thread. Take note of commonalities between the houses (block mix, shape of roof, size of house, interior blocks, attic spaces, mezzanine platforms) and make a house that would fit into the Hawthorne town. It would be great if the house could have a square yard walled with stone as well (see houses at Hawthorne for examples).

Also, if you haven't already, take a look a the Basic Building Guide for some more tips, examples and Do's and Don'ts that will help on future builds.

Please take your time to study the style in detail, and make sure to ask if you have any questions on the above feedback or the hawthornetown style.

Good luck!


Faith Militant

I have done the challenge now. Thanks for the tips!


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Oops, looks like I forgot that the yard should have a stone wall around it. And there should be smoke from the chimney if the furnace is on...my bad!
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A Knight at the Opera
Hey N1 nice work with this Hawthorne house. No worries about the brick wall in the yard, was most interested in just seeing the general yard details.

Overall the house is looking good, my main note would just be on the roof. I think you'll find that the Hawthorne houses will generally continuing the through-line of the roof all the way to the end of the wall stone wall, with rafters inside to support the thatch.
Overall though well done. For your next challenge, please build a middle class house in the style of /warp whsprawl. Houses in large towns will usually have a profession on their on the ground floor, take a look at the styleguide at the /warp oldstyleguides and the finished houses in the White Harbor area for inspiration, and give the house some kind of profession that would make sense in White Harbor (e.g. carpenter/cooper/blacksmith/boat builder, netmaker etc).

Note in the post which profession you go with and try drinking a potion of night vision when taking screen shots.

Good luck!


Faith Militant

This took me a bit more time, but I finally got it done. I also remember to take some night vision potion ;)

The profession is butcher.


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Hi! I just want to say that I know my /warp whsprawl house misses a furnace and some decoration like clothesline. (pls forgive me :D)
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A Knight at the Opera
Hey N1
Thanks for finishing this house, you've done a really nice job!
Yes indeed the chimney is the main thing I'd suggest to add, the interior details are otherwise looking good though so I'll forgive you.

You've done well with adding the floor board rafters, I'd just suggest that you rotate them 90 degree so they cross the shortest span of the house, e.g.

For your next challenge, please build a middle class house in the style of Highgarden, (take a look around /warp hgtown ). As with this White Harbor house, it should have a profession/business on the bottom level e.g. carpenter/wine merchant/tailor/blacksmith, and a yard would be great as well.



Faith Militant
After a long wait I have finally done this challenge. Hope you like it!


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A Knight at the Opera
Hey N1, great job with this blacksmith, I think at this point you'll learn more from being an actual builder, so consider yourself approved!

Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here: http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Newbie_guide

The next step is to make a probation thread in the Probation Forum. You can start building at any open locations on the server - you can find a list of these at /warp build, although it's sometimes outdated, so I would also recommend just asking people in-game and checking the forums for recent project happenings.

A probie leader should post on your thread within a week or so and continue to give you constructive feedback on your houses for the next month (and help be your entry point into the server community in general), although as sometimes the probie leaders are busy IRL you may need to be patient while they find the time to respond to you. But message me again if a probie leader hasn't contacted you within two weeks, or if they're taking a while to respond. I would also encourage you to seek feedback from project leaders and other builders/mods. At the end, you'll be made full builder assuming everything goes smoothly.

I'd suggest you also start thinking about what projects you might like to work on, we encourage new builders to first work on "mini-projects" which are small one off areas of other projects, e.g. a hamlet, mill, quarry, and flagged as open for mini-apps by the project leader. Once you've done a few of these you'll be able to apply for a full project.

Make sure to stay in touch and let us know if you're losing interest, not finding enough work to do, or if there's any issues with the probation.

Welcome aboard and I'll see you in Westeros!
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