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Here is my and Zsomiking99's app for the the Musgood motherhouse. A full test for the main building and a model of the lands around it can be found in /warp playground at XYZ: -958.206/ 52.67015/ -96.228.
Specific details of the main building are described there. Terra probably won't need to be reworked. Under the main building test there's also a test for the barn.
A map (probably not to scale) of the whole thing is also provided below (yes graphic design is my passion):
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Hey Alex and Zsom,

This looks great! Thanks so much for the interest and I love the test. I'v left just one melon for a simple floor suggestion at the test, but otherwise I'm a big fan of the motherhouse and barn :D.

My main points of suggestion are for the grounds shown below. The pastures should somewhat be in front towards the castle and I like where the graveyard is as you've placed it. I'm a fan of having a big one and maybe even some evidence of older graves on your way up to the motherhouse, idk just some thoughts. I would check the graves outside of White Harbor or some inspiration, while keeping in mind most of these graves would have been for the poor. We can discuss placement of the barn in game as well.

Approved from me!
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Also a note to mods,

Musgood was originally approved by Banty and Ramen, and it looks like I'm currently in the search of one or two to take over in their stead. If there's any takers I can give you a free grave in the crypts or something haha.

Thank you!


so this would be my application for the cidery, i thought making the orchyard go a bit sideways would look interesting, not making the whole complex look like just another block. The workers houses are inside the low protective wall as its on the border after all.
The test for cidery is found in playground, X: -1010 Z: -272 Y: 98 (da floaty depressive build)

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