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Discussion in 'Code' started by Spikespiegel, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Spikespiegel

    Spikespiegel Nobuild

    I can't find any existing threads for this, so I thought I'd make one.

    Can we get some more backdrops for the launcher?
    I would like to propose shadered screenshots of:
    Uffering Vineyard
    White Harbour Quarry
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  2. IwanDeLarch

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    Just so there's no confusion here, renders are not the same as screenshots.
    The former need an external 3D modelling and, well, rendering software such as Blender (freeware), Cinema4d, Maja and such. Rendering pictures is a tricky, and time and resource consuming process and requires pre- and postproduction.
    This folder contains all of the renders @Hal9007 has done for us.
  3. Dan_Prime

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    Send whatever you guys want added my way. Most of the renders are already backgrounds, I left a few out though.
  4. Spikespiegel

    Spikespiegel Nobuild

    I will add more of the area around White Harbor as soon as the builder tags are removed. I will also make some of Emot's first men ruins when he completes it :)
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