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King’s Landing District 5
Old Gate /warp kl5

District description
At the end of the Street of Silk, you’ll find the Old Gate. No one is quite sure why it is called “old” but non-canon sources say it was the first gate built in King’s Landing[citation needed]. Just inside the gate is a small square adorned with festival decorations. The area has a festival-like feel, fun and lively. Surrounding the square are 2 brothels, a tavern, a customs house, a city watch barrack, and stables among other buildings.

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New Canon
The Old Gate has little lore to begin with but Fire & Blood provides us with some information.
“Lord Staunton’s head was carried back to King’s Landing and mounted above the Old Gate…”
- Fire & Blood, The Dying of the Dragons- The Red Dragon and the Gold
“The gold cloaks at the Old Gate and the Dragon Gate sallied forth under the command of their captains, Ser Balon Byrch and Ser Garth the Harelip…”
- Fire & Blood, The Dying of the Dragons- Rhaenyra Overthrown
At some point, Ser Balon was also the captain of the City Watch and later, the commander.

District’s Current State
The small district contains a few buildings, an open-air theatre and the gate house. After inspection of the area, replotting will not be necessary. It is decided to keep the theatre as it blends well with the atmosphere of the area. In general, wood logs need replacing, roof and facade materials need updating and fence windows need removing. Several furnaces have chimneys which do not connect with the chimney. The tavern has an odd extension which is now relocated. The area will be replotted by KL4 district leader, Scubooty.

District Plans
The amount of buildings is small. Please refer to the linked Google Doc for my thoughts on each of the plots.
General style available at /warp klupdate
NOTE FOR ALL PLOTS: Remove and/or replace fence windows. Replace all wood log beams and supports. Roof and facade material are indicated above the building.
Document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/131Hnbf1V8kOWRskT7KJ-TjeQacLK7sSUXU5C4yroKcQ/

The most significant change is modifying the tavern into a tavern/inn. The kitchen, which was part of the removed extension, will be put into the first floor.

old gate layout.png
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Also style tests are now required for district apps (especially since KL5 is marked here as having a different style than it does currently).
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I’m not sure the second square style fits this area with the description being “The other generic large square style (no current examples). A bit less grand than the first generic square style, and more festive/cottage-like.” since the northern side in rhaenys hill is considered to be the richest area in kings landing specially near the old gate:

Granted it says according to semi canon sources so I’m not sure how 100% accurate it is, but thought I’d point it out anyways.


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I think it's more likely that this is referring to the area around the Street of Silk and some of the manses around the Dragon Pit (i.e., southern parts of KL6). That said, I think KL5 should still be visibly wealthy, just more of a festive vibe with some rustic thatch rooves rather than the grand, imposing facades of KL1. If the shoe doesn't fit, I'd be happy to consider alternative styles provided there's a test for them.


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Hello, I've become quite busy IRL and have not the time to take care of this project. I hereby retract my application so another person may take it. Please feel free to use any plans and/or research I have done.

Don't worry. I'll still lurk around the server and forums from time to time.

Oh and happy 10th anniversary WC!