KL Update Application: District 27

Hi Jake,

Just a heads up that we'll probably want to wait until the Dragon Square is at a state a bit closer to completion before approving the districts directly adjacent to it. Also, the mods are currently reflecting on the progress in the districts that have been mostly done so far, and we're trying to distill these thoughts into a few concrete "action points" for future districts, so any new district apps should hold off for that.

(By all means keep testing for the district, just explaining where we're at right now in terms of planning)
Hey Jake,

Now that the Dragon Square exteriors are in a mostly complete state, we'll be resuming adjacent district apps. We'll be making a post in the coming days detailing some general updates to the KL remaster guidelines, one of them being that we'd like to see more stylistic testing included in the applications, to ensure consistent styles between districts. You've already included some tests, but I think some more details on how you plan to transition from the Dragon Square would be good.

Per what Endy said here, I'm afraid of you spreading yourself too thin between all your pending applications and your ongoing work on Varner. Do you still plan to go forward with this application, or would you like to prioritize your immersion build application instead?
so I plan to have the houses that border the dragon square be taller than other houses in the district, standing at a medium height to bridge the gap between the two districts. Additionally, some of the houses closer to the sept of baelor will be converted into manses of pious city-goers. tests coming shortly
Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg
the purple plots are special plots that must be tested for, there is a septry, a brewers guildhall, a playwright's guild, a brothel, a tavern, an inn. the globe theatre has already been claimed by veggie et al. the light blue areas to the west are spaces allocated for pious manses.

there are also some crypts near the sept, which. I'm not sure if i need to update or not, but they're relatively small.

i plan on opening the district in sections, starting with the northernmost, and moving counterclockwise in order.
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