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Czech Republlic

I subscribed to your youtube channel WesterosCraft where I got the idea to join your server. Just for it, I bought Java edition while playing Bedrock for years. After successfully solved the problem with launcher, I finally came to see all the Westeroscraft.

The Inheritance Cycle by Ch. Paolini (started to read), Hic Sunt Dracones by P. Procházka - czech fantasy series; The Last Kingdom (first season watched)

Game of Thrones, Storm of Swords, Dance of Dragons

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7

I like the concept of Daenerys Targaryen - not for her heroic feminism, but the Martin's idea of a ruthless monarch who judge people without trial but people worship her and even us gonna to name our children Dany or khaleesi. But I favorize smaller, not POV characters through which Martin shows us the cruelness in our world. Like Jeyne Poole, who nobody cares about because she's common but Sansa, who suffer less cruelty, gets all the fame and/or sadness due to her social status. These small characters shows book's characters are not the only curel, we also are.

As living in country with the highest density of castles per country in the world, my tourist trips often leads to them. Until now, I visited over 100 different castles and chateaus which started my interest in history and brings me an inspiration for historical architecture.

Westeroscraft is the most amazing project and I feel I can bring some of my skills into it and make it visible for lots of people. But I also expect to get more skills than i have yet. I saw lots of empty space which needs to be filled with building, which nobody cares now. I can see myself, after a some time, to be filling them.


YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW. (except for where to put it) :D


Hey Jirik, thanks for your application and glad to see you're a big fan of the fantasy genre, I think we've got a Czech builders on the server as well so you're in good company.

Your app shows a lot of potential, it's clear you've put some thought into the house, I'll give you some general notes that should help with future builds.
- I like all the small details of the house like the wood shopping area and adding some signs of life.
- You're heading in the right direction with the shape, layout and block choices with the house but there's a few things that could be improved:
1. We try to avoid using the big wooden logs too much in houses these days, it's a little outdated as a style as it looks a little clunky and repetitive when used in big towns.
2. The shape of the roof seems a little haphazard, we try to make sure our rooflines are clearly defined, typically with the classic triangle profile. You can see a few examples here:
3. Every settlement will have it's own particular style of house and block palette, but it's uncommon to have a house's walls be entirely made of daub, there's usually at least one layer of stone brick as a base. Also try to avoid making too many square lines of daub with no diagonal corner pieces. The more symmetrical and sequential patterns daub has, the better. Try to frame the house with the diagonal and X peices, like here:
4. Every house is defined by the economic class it belongs to, and a houses wealth will determine the kind of blocks used on it. We typically reserve any block with glass in it to High Class houses, same with things like paper, paintings, Faith of the Seven portraits.
5. We try to avoid trapdoors, a shutter block would be more suited for a window anyway.
6. It's good to use mud/dirt/ploughed dirt blocks to define yard veggie patches, in this case I'd suggest putting those cabbage blocks on top of dirt rather than the grass, the wooden fence around the yard looks like it's got a lot of gaps too, so a a full stone block wall or wattle block fence might be better to make it look more complete.

You're definitely off to a good start, if you haven't already, take a look at the suggestions on the wiki page http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Basic_Building_Guide_for_Applicants as well as /warp furnish for more tips.

For the first challenge build, please make an average sized Low Class house in the style of /warp hawthornetown and share screenshots of it in this thread. You should be able to apply all that advise directly to a Hawthorne house so take your time to study the style in detail, and make sure to ask if you have any questions on the above feedback or the hawthornetown style.

Good luck!


Thanks for your supports. I've read some Others applications between and recognized some of the mistakes you wrote, like the wrong type of beds, windows shutters etc. I'll make a next step and will soon upload.

Please also excuse my bad english. As I just learn it, I am not a great speaker. But I try to get the best from me. ;)


Hi Cash,

I've completed the challenge you gave me. Especially the daub walls I completely changed. Added the layer of bricks, make more accetable pattern and used nets like the windows. 1017


I've made a herb garden more complete. I used grass now and added a stone wall. Just the path I made a bit rustic.



I've replaced noble beds with the straw ones. Also made one completely from slabs as I've seen in many houses at the server. Also I upgraded the storage area as in /warp furnish. Windows shutters rather than trapdoors.



I wanted to keep the rustic style of the roof to make it look more natural, However, I studied the houses at Hawthorne and used fur blocks rather than wood ones. But I made them more complete, with using slabs and stairs in a T shape.


Hand-made tree during a harvest make the atmosphere more natural.

Hope you will like it. :)


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Hey Jirik,
Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, feel free to bump the thread if I don't reply within a week.
I can see that you've made some good progress with this house, I think there's still just a few areas for improvement:
- Hawthorne houses have the roof overhang made of the same thatch stairs, rather than the oak stairs.
- When choosing which stone blocks to use, it's generally best to try and keep the stone within the same colour "family". Hawthorne generally just used the yellow sandstone bricks rather than the orange you've used on the chimney.
- Same with the grey stone used on the yard wall out front, you would be a little better off sticking with the sandstone.
- You're on the right track with using the shutters to cover up the drawers/cabinets, but you would be better off using half doors


- Lastly, Hawthorne generally just used the brown daub blocks rather than white.

Overall though I can see you've made improvement, for your next challenge, please build a middle class house in the style of /warp whsprawl. Houses in large towns will usually have a profession on their on the ground floor, take a look at the styleguide at the /warp oldstyleguides and the finished houses in the White Harbor area for inspiration, and give the house some kind of profession that would make sense in White Harbor (e.g. carpenter/cooper/baker/boat builder, netmaker).

Good luck!



Hey Cash,
excuse please the delay which the latest challenge took me. I was very busy and didn't have the time to build.

Here's my White Harbour styled house. I've chosen a bakery for it.


A small grain storage.


The bakery and oven. Also some baked bread.




The kitchen and living area above.


P.S: Yes, I used half doors.


The attic above. Also have a small secret room. ;)


The bedroom.




Hey Jirik,
Thanks for completing this white harbor house.
I think overall you're showing some good signs of improvement, just got a couple of notes1192
It can be tricky to get the layout of diagonal houses right so I appreciate the effort, I think the shape might be a little off here, since the sides look a little uneven.
Here's how we would usually shape diagonal houses:

Also notice how the stairblocks are curved at each point on the diagonal line, makes for a slightly smoother roof

- This chimney is also a little tall, it doesn't need to match the height of the other one or be taller than the house, only 1 or 2 blocks above the roof would be necessary
- Just also be careful about mixing stone types again, there's no reason for the oven blocks to be sandstone and different to the stone in the walls.
- Small point, but try not to let the thatch carpet go all the way to the furnace, it'd would be a fire hazard!
- Another minor point, with the tree you'd be better off using the spruce bark fence and the 6 sided spruce logs.

Overall though you're making really good progress, so well done. For your next challenge, please build a middle class house in the style of /warp hgtown. As with WH the house should have a profession/business on their bottom level e.g. carpenter/merchant/blacksmith.



Hey Cash,

thanks for the reply. I will do the best in the next challenge and will soon upload.

P.S.: I was thinking about the carpet, but finally made it so to let it see more symetrical. Kinda stupid, I know.


Hi Cash,

I'm so sorry for the time this challenge took me, as the last one. I have lot of work in my summer job and I was also sick last week. There is my blacksmith house in the style of Highgarden.



The workplace. Tools are behind, but I didn't found any spot in which they'll be seen.


The dining hall.



The kitchen.



The toilet by the stairs.



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The uppermost floor. There is a small living area and two bedrooms.




And the second toilet.


The cabbaage garden.


Exteriors of the house.




Hope this will be my best build!



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Hey Jirik,
No problem, thanks for finishing this Highgarden test. I think this certainly is your best build yet, You've got the block mix right and the daub is nice and symmetrical, and the block choices are more in less in line with a typical HG house (though the glass cabinets are probably best reserved for High Class houses).

Just a couple of notes for things that could be polished a little bit:
- Highgarden houses are a little more pointy, you could add one more block on the top of the roof to complete the triangle shape of the tip.


- I might've missed this note on your white harbor house, but it's important to always make sure you add ceiling rafters to the top level of house, the general rule is to try and make sure that you can't see the exterior roof slate from inside the house .

Here's an example of how you would go about adding the rafters and covering up the slate:

- Also, it's best to avoid sticking candles to walls, try and just place them on a flat surface.

- Blacksmiths will usually have a bit more of a larger work area, with a bigger furnace (often with a bellows outside in the yard), with more bench and raw materials scattered around. The furnace blacksmith area here looks a little clean and bare, this might be more suited to a jeweler/silver smith who don't use as much space.

Overall good work though, for a challenge build, please make a standard-sized house in the style of /warp burnley, including a yard and other surrounding features. These northern houses generally don't need a specific profession, you could make them a farmer/hunter or something more rural. Feel free to ask if you've got any questions. Good luck!


Hi Cash,

I know you must wait a long time, but I had really a lot of work last weeks. Excuse it, please. However, I made a Burnley house. I feel the northern style fits me better, so I hope you will be pleased with my challenge build.


A food storage.


Sleeping area.


A fireplace with wood storage. You know, winter is coming.


The kitchen. One small bed added, it was common to sleep near the source of heat.


The oversight of the interior.


Food storage. Many turnips and fish, also some grain. Typical northern food.


Exteriors of the house.





Hey Jirik, apologies again for the delay, I don't know how I missed this! Thanks for hanging in there.

You've done a nice job with this house, there's not much I could suggest to improve it, perhaps only to add some more dirt/gravel blocks instead of grass in the yard to make it appear used and walked around on.

I think at this point you'll learn more from being an actual builder, so consider yourself approved!

The next step is to contact a mod in-game to promote you to New Builder. Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here: http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Newbie_guide

And also make a probation thread in the probation forum. You can start building at any open locations on the server - you can find these at /warp build, although it's sometimes outdated, so I would also recommend just asking people in-game and checking the forums for recent project happenings.

A probie leader should post on your thread within a week or so and continue to give you constructive feedback on your houses for the next month (and help be your entrypoint into the server community in general), although as sometimes the probie leaders are busy IRL. But message me again if a probie leader hasn't responded within two weeks. I would also encourage you to seek feedback from project leaders and other builders/mods. At the end, you'll be made full builder assuming everything goes smoothly.

Welcome to the team and I'll see you in Westeros