Is there any evidence for Hot Pie being Azor Ahai?


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Well, Is there? What if the red priests translation of the prophecy, that the saviour will be the 'lords chosen' this lord being the lord of light, was incorrect as Aerio Onos is lord of light and Aeksio Ondos is goldenhand. There are only a few characters with golden hands. Jaime Lannister is the obvious choice for being 'golden hand'. Olenna Tyrell has Gardener coins with golden hands minted on them. But the most desirable choice of the 'golden hand' is being golden hand is the baker's boy from Kings Landing. He browns bread with golden butter. Now who would be his champion?
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I think he's not relevant in the story anymore lmao. He was their last season and I bet that's the last we see of him ;)


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His name is hot pie, pie is hot, fire is hot, therefore hot pie = fire, the sword of azor ahai lightbringer is on fire, therefore hotpie = lightbringer.

Hotpie bakes bread for Arya, giving her a part of him, Arya eats this bread, as the bread is a part of hotpie it is equal to lightbringer’s fire, therefore by ingesting this Arya is eating hotpie ;), therefore Arya is azor ahai. Confirmed