Completed Inmersion build, THE FORGOTTEN STONES, by Jmcmarq


The aim of this project is to build an ancient settlement adbandoned in the deep north of westeros, this place will consist in a complex of different megalitic sorrounding an special and spooky place. the plans for the project are these ones.

The project itself are different remains covering a large area in an empty land of the north, here are the plans.


Place 1: the remains of an ancient settlement of the children of the forest or early andals? its origin is unknown as well as other constructions in the area. will consist on rounded shaped remains.

Place 2: a stone spire surrounding a mid size weirwood, is the center of the complex, as well as the most important place.

place 3: a very ancient burial site, this place will consist on stony footprints with oval shapes

place 4: different menhir complexes surrounding the lake, despite being suppose different ritual structures associated to different clans, their real purpose is unknown

place 5: a circle of carved stones resembling swords, the purpose of this place is supposed to have ceremonial aims related to war or is the burial of legendary warriors?.

Place 6: a posterior burial complex consisting on small barrows.

The plan is a possible location of the places, but the aim is to cover the empty areas of the "southern north with these small structures. im opened to suggestions.


another possibility, is to divide the areas in small groups of structures consisting in a settlement + one burial area + one menhir group on atop, this is an schematic model of a settlement type.


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yes, you are true, I agree is better to relocate them in located points scattered points located in some areas in the north, i'll reconsider the location of them, and I will plan them as the model, has more sense.



Hi guys, i'm posting again the replaning of this application!

The inmersion build i'm applying to is related to the remains of a lost early/pre historic culture in Westeros (i accept ideas because i have only the basic knowledge of the history of Westeros) these remains have the shape of ancient stones, settlements and barrows adbandoned and forgotten last ago. The idea is to create different complexes associated to the culture of the children of the forest of the north, as well as some settlements for giants, all of these remains are from the late Dawn Age, being the long night the main cause of their adbandon and destruction. Each settlement will consist on the footprint of one-varous houses, a ceremonial place and a burial area.

Settlement 1: this one will have a 8 ruined huts with a graveyard consisting in a complex of 6 barrows. this place once was used to take various metals from the rives (now there are none) there will be in the town tall remains of primitive furnaces.
Settlement 2: almost nothing of the settlement remains, (no more than 3 houses) what remains mainly is a line of tall stones placed on the hills surrounding the lakes, is supposed this land once belonged to a tribe who praised death, and the stones are the tombs.
Settlemt 3: this place will have 3 large barrows and 4 huts, the size of the settlent make people to think it belonged to giants long ago, the most remarkable highlight is a circle composed of five large stones barely carved, looking swords.
Settlement 4: this is a large setthement (15 huts) with a large burial consiting in oval footprint, this is supposed to be a large settlement long ago. will require a little terraforming to make a 10 block tall cliff.
Settlement 5: nothing but a large spiral of stones surrounding a mid size weirwood remains in this place, this is thought to be a very important place for rituals long ago.
Settlement 6: Only the footprint of a house, and a large circle of small stones remains in this place.
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So, I love this idea. I just have a few things to point out and suggestions to make.

You said that 'all of these remains are from the late Dawn Age, being the long night the main cause of their adbandon and destruction.' This means that the sites, like Skara Brae and Jarlshof, should be mostly covered, without a stone footprint left exposed above ground. Even your inspiration images of the Isle of Lewis standing stones were mostly buried under sediment when they were discovered.

If you want a settlement, it should be partly still used or otherwise maintained or revealed by coastal storms, like Skara Brae and Jarlshof were.

Do you mean to terraform sections of the shoreline at sites 1,3 and 4? that would be brilliant! I also suggest using Skara Brae, Jarlshof, Clavie Burning and other neolithic settlements outside of Scotland as insp, the older, the better.

A series of things you might look at including are at some level are;
Carlin stones
cup marks
little details that would interest dowsers (trees growing inwards towards standing stones or trying to grow away)
wells like at Burghead
Larger, complex barrows like mini versions of Newgrange


I love these, tiny details that help bring otherwise empty stretches of land to life. But...

It'd be a waste to place these in areas that did not yet receive the magic touch of carci's loving hands. I'd like you to focus these efforts on such areas that have yet been redone, and scatter these features in a sensible fashion. May be you have to drop one or two of the things you plan on doing, but you could pick them back up once more of the North has been touched up.


Thanks for all, this thread will be put in stand By until the North have been terraformed better, or bew advice, this way i beg the mods to close this thread for now, being retaken in the future. Whilst, I am going to propose inmersion projects in new areas.



ok, from now this thread will focus in just one project, my first application is for the remains of an adbandoned settlement located nearby the cliffs in the Flint Finger, in this place only the walls remains. The lore is the one of the gneral application, a settlement of the Dawn Age adbandoned during the long night, and forgotten. util then.

the inspiration is Dun Aengus and here are the plans and tests.

thanks for your atention.



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