Completed Immersion Build - Caravansery and linear oasis located in the desert




The idea, is to make the empty place where the inmersive project is located a more interesting looking, as well as a reason for players to visit that empty place. In addition, a caravansery in that location has sense because of the confluences of routes, going from Saltshore and Vaith to Hellholt.

The inmersive project will consist in a walled rectangular shaped complex having the function of a caravansery, having the following facilities:

-An inn with a tavern
-A small watchtower which will hold the house of the owner of the complex
-A warehouse, this building is very important for the complex (will have a granary)
-A stable
-A small marketplace
-8 small houses for the staff working there, with small patios and gardens.
-a linear oasis located northbound the complex.

this is the model


and the tests


thanks for your atention!


Donkey Lord
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I’m no the siren about the house style, and really concerned about that awning. For awnings look at the villages along the river wyl, particularly the small upstream one.
Also it would be good to see a bit more development of the style guide. Maybe a few more mud houses for reference
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The area is going to be more or less as it is because is supposed to be a desert, however, i did some tests for the oasis and the area.


and the desert area

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Sorry, I don't know if it's a required element or it's some piece of information I'm missing but, why the red mix with yellow sand? The contrast is distracting and unsightly against the structures you've created. I would suggest against this mix. If the red sand is required — instead find a method of using a large spotting/splotching effect versus the random method you have here. I would continue to work on so it doesn't become a geometric pattern like it creates here.
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Donkey Lord
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Also you have the funky new grassy sand blocks at your disposal, use them to create a border between the sand and grass
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Cersei's Left Bob
Hey Jmc, I love that you've decided to build in this area.
However, some parts could be done better, more elaborate.

I'd like to see:
1) A more up to date house test, something closer to the Wyl and more recent Sunspear tests techniques concerning plaster use in Dorne.
2) Tower and/or curtain wall test
3) Revised oasis and desert test - our terraforming has developed so much in the past few years/months, putting that extra effort into detailed and interesting terra is definitely worth it

Something else I was thinking about is the canon for this area. If I'm not mistaken, the few oases in Dorne were inhabited by ancient kings, who built holdfasts and castles there. I'd suggest incorporating this into your build, perhaps in the shape of a ruin inside which the caravanserai was built.

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I upload here more updated tests such as the layout and the oasis terraforming. I took the ideas of the canon, as being them such amazing as awe inspiring. This way, i decided to conceive the caravansery as placed in the remains os an ancient oasis king castle. my inspiration for the castle, is the holdfast of Torres Bermejas in Granada, i think that castle can fit as an very ancient one because of the simplicity of its shapes.


The oasis inspiration is this one


The final layout of the caravansery is this one


and this is oasis update test.


For this project, i think is interesting to difer the old castle from the new addons built later. This way i decided to put in the old castle a paler pallete, as well as to build it damaged, showing its antiquity.


The newer houses and constructions will take the classical dornish pallete.


Thanks for your atention!


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