I made a detailed map of the Kings Landing build


Great job, love the map!!
One thing that you forgot is...
1. The Crone's Sept (West of the Mud Gate (#2))
I'm probably missing some other important landmarks, but other than that, looks great!


Just south of the stables is the Kitchen Keep.

And you're missing the Martell corner for.

Cool to finally have a map!
The Martell cornerfort is under 21, guest rooms.
It'd be cool to have the same thing for White Harbor and other bigger settlements once they're done :D


Nice map, I'm sure anyone trying to navigate KL on foot will appreciate this!

Here's the Wiki of Ice and Fire's list of named streets and squares. You missed to name a few.
I'm glad you like it.

Btw There are certain green plants that show as grey on the journey map. They are very concentrated in certain areas, like outside the walls of kings landing. Color shifting them is a huge pain because they're sometimes close to gray stones and chimneys. Any chance we could get this fixed ingame?