In Progress House Norridge of Whitegrove by Ammika and Margaery

There are houses available in the Eastern Forest zone (denoted by brown wool) the warp is

/warp wghamlet2

This isn't limited to the hamlet, there are other houses along the forest trails as well

The houses should generally look like this:

In regards to the yards ensure that there is a degree of "wildness" to them with some shrubs/patches of grass and more rustic looking veggies in their yards.

Such as this:

Please let @Ammika or I know if you have any questions, and check your /mail for feedback
As of today /warp norridgeapiary and /warp wghamlet2 are done, there are still more available plots in the eastern forest (reachable by /warp wghamlet2 withing the brown wool)

However upcoming is an opportunity to apply to test for a septry at /warp wgseptry

The septry is a producer of fine wine and beeswax candles, please include a dedicated space for candlemaking outdoors and a facility for making wines and a space underneath for storing and aging said wines.

For examples of candlemaking look around the town at /warp wickenden

For examples of winemaking look around /warp uffvineyard and /warp woodwrightseptry

The style should be reminiscent of the septry at /warp holyhallseptry, /warp woodwrightseptry and the motherhouse currently under construction at /warp peachleigh. It should gracefully conform to the hill it sits on and should be fairly nice but not overly wealthy.

I will place grapevines and supporting vegetable plots after the septry is in place.

Place a marker on the blue ball of wool to indicate youve made a test and Ill check out your test at your plot and approve/suggest some changes. Please be aware that being the only test is not a surefire guarantee that your test will be accepted.
Here's what we have done so far:



Basically the Septry Lands are 100% done, the Main town is done, wghamlet1 farmlands are WIP, the Eastern Forests are 90% done (abandoned hunting lodge WIP), the Cider Hall forests are 20% done, and the HG-adjacent area is still heavy WIP with lots of plotting left to do.