House Lorch By JJLyric


Hi JJ, thanks for applying.
I think your map and tests are good, and the scale seems appropriate, but the application overall is lacking in detail.

I would love to hear more about your ideas for the terrain and other things you might add to the eastern half of the project. I also think a terra test of a mountainside would be appropriate, just so the mods can be convinced of your ability to handle mountain terrain. Pix, as part of Wyndhall, has done some good terra on the northern slope of the same mountain range, so it would be good to see something that blends well/is continuous with this.

I would also suggest reducing the amount of forest you have planned. Wyndhall does a good job of striking a balance between grassland and forest, with forest mostly being used on mountain slopes.

Are you planning any streams to feed into the Tumblestone?

It would also be good to see some explanation for the economy around the Lorch lands. Is there any mining happening (are these the black spots)? What are their relationships like with other houses nearby?

Also, how navigable is the road you are proposing into the Riverlands? Does it need to be defended? We already have the mountain path Robb takes south of Golden Tooth (/warp gtmp), and it may be confusing to add another route into the Westerlands through here.


There ya go


I would suggest not having a road straight into the Riverlands from Lorch. There's already a road that goes through Wyndhall, and the River Road through Golden Tooth is not far to the south.
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Might I add, dont use Parren as Inspo, there are much better mountains in Wyndhall, or Stackspear, or former Tarbeck etc region (Lem's project, basicaly).
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Hey JJ!

Can you please make an updated map with the changes Dutch and Lem proposed and you accepted? I would also like to add that I agree with Lem that you shouldn't have a path into the Riverlands at all.

Don't be scared of leaving some parts of the project "empty", in my opinion having some wilderness without indication of human presence is not a problem, specially up into the mountains.

I also think it would be cool if you could continue updating the Tumblestone from the part Pix did, following the same style. I think it's important that Lorch and Wyndhall maintain a feeling of continuity, specially concerning the terra.
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The plan is to have the forest less dense on the western side and your key:
Redish-pink is the settlement

Red is hamlet of herders (transuhamanish) they shouldn't be larger than 3 houses, which should be low and poor.

Yellow are fields

Ochre is the castle

And Grey is the watchtowers + in the castle a rough layout more or less.

The black dots are mines
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Donkey Lord
No need to use language that harsh but yeah, apologies for the delay. I've just gotten internet again in my new place.

Alright, so with the bits of forest that are on the riverlands should also have hills to their east, so that the entire Tumblestone catchment is closed off from the Red Fork catchment. Also, any passage you might want to have between the two should be a very difficult goat track of 1 block thickness at most. Otherwise it would be too notable.
I would recommend that the forest/copse south of the village should be managed or at least partly trimmed for brushwood. we've got some good coppiced hazel schems for this.
I would also suggest moving the castle (this is the yellow blob with a grey circle in it?) a tiny fraction west so it will sit still visibly in the valley and feels present if not intimidating over the village below. It'd be a great vibe to make Lorch seem a bit more threatening/imposing as a hint to the nature of the knight from there.