Completed House Estren of Wyndhall by Pix


Thanks Pix,
I've taken a look through and on the whole, Wyndhall is a really nice and tidy project.

I don't really have any major notes, just a few small things I picked up.

Castle design is very nice, the exterior walls could perhaps use a few more signs of weathering, e.g. a handful of stair/wall blocks mixed in, some vines etc.

Looks like there's some underground trees that would be worth cleaning up.

You were using carci's auto-forest script right? It would be handy if you could run it in test world so we can replicate the issue and fix the bug.

There's also a handful of underground grass bubbles that you could fill in while you're down there (lord knows I'm guilty of this too)

Tiny point but the vege patch at the hamlet could use a little more variation, a handful of different heights of turnips/shrub blocks to randomise it a bit.

I really like the design of this bridge, but I'm wondering if it's a little too sophisticated for the road it's built on. Judging from the map, this road would just link up to Nunns Deep and Payne the east, so the main road may be the one along the river to the south. This crossing may not get much traffic so it could potentially just be a ford, or a smaller bridge that's lower to the ground and not as long.

While you're there I wouldn't be opposed to continuing the road along to Payne/adding a link to the Nunns Deep path.

I can see that these roads would extend out of the Estren lands and into neighbouring projects, but I wouldn't be opposed to it for the sake of linking it up to the rest of the area.

Side note, it doesn't look like the road from Payne actually leads anywhere. The spot I've circled in blue could work as a potentially crossing, maybe a Payne hamlet with a ferry crossing.

If you're able to take a look at these points, and Lem's signed off I'm happy to post approve.

Really nice job, you've got a great knack for making nice, classy projects, Looking forward to see what you do next!


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You were using carci's auto-forest script right? It would be handy if you could run it in test world so we can replicate the issue and fix the bug.
I painted the terrain with green wool, but for the script only the top layer needed to be green wool. I tried replacing any underground green wool, but i must've missed some spots.


Finally found time to give Wyndhall a once-over! The project looks great overall. I just found a few things here and there to fix. I saw a red sand block hanging out in a forest, so you might want to do a general replace for those. Additionally, there is a vanilla red bed in one of the rooms in the castle. I marked its general location with melon blocks.

Once you take care of these, I'm more than happy to post-approve Wyndhall!