Highlord_Buibui Builder Application

What is your age?

In what country are you living?
US (Washington)

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
I really like the world-building aspect of both the shows and the book. I think that the way everything was thought up was very believable (except of course dragons and a house ruling for thousands of years straight), if I had to pick my favorite character it would be Daenerys, I was basically vouching for her the entire show and I'm absolutely devastated to what they did to her during the last season. I also really like the architect of Kings Landing in the show, I'm not sure why but I was really attracted to the Tuscany feel of the buildings in Kings Landing and the Red Keep being such a unique building with a medieval cathedral feel but uses red clay bricks, really made it stand out.

What is your favorite build on our server?
I really like the castles of the reach with like the sprawling farmland and a white, well whitish colored castle sitting atop a hill overlooking it all. I also really like Fairmarket in the Riverlands, a really cozy feeling I think.

Why do you want to join our server?
I really love building stuff, especially in the medieval style. I'm nowhere near as qualify as many other people on the server I'm sure but I am always looking to improve my skills. And I guess one of my greatest strength in building anything is to really put myself into the world, like what is the story behind everything, who was the people like who lived here, how did they live, wut was their life, etc.

Tell us about your build.
I think my build is a very basic peasant/lower class style, low ceiling dirt floor, etc. I tried to make it fit with the rest of the server lowerclass/peasant house. When I was building this build I imagine the people who lived there as a family of a poor old soldier, who just came back from the war to his family only to lose them a short while later, hence the graves, and now he is just sort of living the last bit of life he has left, so he grows just enough food to sustain himself with his small garden and his home is a bit messy here and there with a rusty sword and some cobweb, but no matter what he always remembers to leave a fresh flower on his family graves


Did you follow the application rules?
"You know nothing, Jon Snow" :p
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The Old Bear
Hi Highlord,

Thank you for taking the time to apply to be a builder on the server, unfortunately you haven't quite hit the mark here.

For your next build you need to take a thorough look around at a build on the server, copy a house if you need to. Try and get an understanding of the general structure, the walls, the ceilings, the rafters supporting the roofs. Be deliberate in your choice of furnishings rather than filling space.

Have another go at something you'd find at /warp Duskendale, if you feel you need to copy a build closely I am fine with that as a starting point,

Best wishes,

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Hello again,

I took a look around and I came up with this little tavern house/building/thing XD. The tavern is downstair while the living quarter is on the second floor and the attic is the storage space. I think with this build I went a lot more toward middle-class to upper-middle-class. Especially on the second floor, I think.

2020-08-02_00.58.30-min.png2020-08-02_00.58.59-min.png 2020-08-02_00.59.06-min.png 2020-08-02_00.59.25-min.png 2020-08-02_00.59.32-min.png 2020-08-02_00.59.57-min.png
2020-08-02_01.01.56-min.png 2020-08-02_01.02.10-min.png 2020-08-02_01.07.36-min.png 2020-08-02_01.07.58-min.png
Anywayyy, thanks!



The Old Bear
Heyo Highlord,

A vast improvement, with some room for improvement-- perfect in what the application process is meant to look like!

Firstly your exteriors,

What you need to work on;

  • You've understood (although missed in the dormer in the roof) that roof overhangs, at times, need supporting. We typically see this on the server when someone uses slate blocks though each build differs. What you should do is turn the stair blocks inwards so they vertically mirror the blocks above, and create one nice seamless staircase effect. You can see this happening all over Duskendale. I think the fact the underhangs were birch rather than the oak used elsewhere only highlighted this so somehting to be aware of.
  • As a follow on point from the above there's too many different types of wood in your exterior. I like that structurally you've gone for one colour, oak, however you ultimately betrayed that cohesiveness by using spruce and then birch in other places. It's definitely good you're experimenting though.
  • Your daub and wattling patterns are a bit erratic. Try and view the wooden beams within the blocks as integral structural support, and create visually pleasing patterns as a result of this. You'll get there!
  • It's difficult to see in some of the grey Duskendale houses, so i'll let you off here but try and work within a gradient for your stone foundations. Dark blocks to light moving vertically. I liked your large stone brick border though!
  • Your chimney is huge friendo! Remember it essentially just needs to cover the back of the hearth and then go up vertically.
What you did well;

  • Conceptually, you did everything you should, it's just the execution you need to work on! You did your stone foundation, your overhang supports, your daub and wattling patterns. We just need to tighten the execution up over the next few challenge builds and you'll be golden.
  • Solid building silhouette. Ambitious in trying to add some visual interest in the shape of wooden hoarded extensions, and a dormer window. Admirable effort!

Secondly your interiors,

What you need to work on;

  • I think you should have gone for a dirt/gravel floor with some of the thatch rushes you went for here. It's a lot of grey in a very tight location, so be sure to break up big swathes of one colour with some contrast!
  • If you can, try and cover up all slate with half doors and stairs. If not try and make what rafters you can fit in the structure look as strong and core to the structure as you can.
  • Your hearth is one chunky boy, some more elegant designs can be found all over the server using stair blocks etc to make more elegant mantles. Love the brazier though.
  • Try and use your attic space for something more than just storage, maybe squeeze another sleeping space in, even if it's just a small bed and some benches!
What you did well;

  • I actually think your furnishing is really solid, and apart from a big boi hearth, is already at server standard in the most recent build you posted.

Overall, you're getting there! You should be very pleased!

For your next challenge build me a house you think would be appropriate at /warp Woodwright in the Reach.

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Here is my attempt at a build in Woodwright farmer homestead, tried to shrink my fireplace XD. Hopefully much better. I think I really focused a lot on the exterior and maybe the interior might be a bit lacking... Also if I can change a thing I think i would make the house shorter and more rounded so it fits the style of Woodwright better i think.


Anywayyyy, thnxxxxx


The Old Bear
Hey Highlord,

A solid attempt, albeit not in the Woodwright style. Just in minor elements like the wooden roof where the substantial Woodright houses use a slate roof.

This would've addressed another issue which is that the roof looks really heavy, the contrast between the slate and wooden underhangings for support are a great way to break up one big patch of a single texture.

I think your daubt and wattle patterning is a bit messy and would be better in the patterns you find across the server. People often use the cross hatch blocks as foundational structure and then make patterns with the diagonals. Woodwright is actually a great locale for copying wattle and daub patterning.

I like your porch at the front, however with the variety of blocks we have could be more elegant. It would have benefited from usage of a number of block textures to break it up too.

Good progress though, again, I think your ints are largely solid. Still not thrilled with the hearth -- have a go at copying one exactly next time. My favourite is just two upside down stairs with a basalt backing, with a small mantle of half slabs.

For your next challenge build me a house in the style of /warp Starpike

Good luck,



The Old Bear
Hey Highlord,

Looks good-- some minor issues which would be ironed out in feedback from the build leader in game, but nothing major that suggests you're not able to learn!

I'm happy to welcome to you to the team-- be sure to make yourself a probation thread!