Greetings, I am back and I have some questions!


Greetings everyone, good to see you, both old players and new.

I used to play a lot on the server until 2-3 years ago, I have however lost access to my old account with all the migration stuff, I've got a new one at the moment. I suppose that I have also lost my builder rank due to the absence which I completely understand. I wanted to ask, how do I catch up? Should I start on probation again?

Thank you all for the help and hope to see you in game soon!


Staff member
Welcome back!

You should spend some time around contemporary builds to familiarize yourself with the newest building trends. But our resources have been quite consistent in recent years, so we'll let you jump right into a short probation period again. Reach out to a mod when you see one online, and they'll handle the promotion.