Gathering anonymous feedback on the server!

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Howdy everyone!

Hope your spring is going great so far. Behind the scenes, I've been working on improving our project management (along with lots of other exciting things like a plot system, new WorldMachine terrain, and more!). To further those plans, I am looking to gather some feedback, suggestions, ideas, or comments about the operation of the server. I've made a feedback form where I can solicit some of these responses and ideally influence the future of the project.

I'm looking for general feedback on what you think is working for the project, what you believe isn't working, and any ideas to improve. I am open to any other thoughts from both current and former community members, outside observers and anyone else. You can remain anonymous! The form is only viewable by me, not the mods. There is a username field so you can identify yourself, but only if you wish. Alternatively, if you wish to directly DM me on Discord, please do, always down to chat!

The form is here:

Thank you everyone, looking forward to seeing the feedback
Not open for further replies.