Abandoned Foster Project: House Estermont of Green Stone


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
A project originally by Reygame who left the project unfinished to an extent, and who has now been absent from the server from the long time, we intend to fix it up and give it a facelift! This will be our 2nd foster project, and I believe it will take a lot less time as we're more just smoothing things out than having to implement entirely new features in some areas as seen with Cressey.

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The Dark Lord Sauron
Please take the time to improve the terraforming and foliage as well! I know it's supposed to be a lush island, but the "dump leaf blocks everywhere" approach in the town and castle looks kind of messy. Maybe take a look at some of those smaller islands around New Zealand as inspiration for the terraforming.


Until Waz is ready to make a full return and is willing to work with me to complete the project we started together; I do not feel comfortable to continue working on it any further without his insight with me. I have a guilty feeling every time I attempt to continue working on the project as there were aspects I know he wanted a hand in.

Therefore, Estermont will be put on a Hiatus status. I'll patiently wait till his time frees up to complete Greenstone.

Seems silly knowing how fosters work to semi-abandon a foster. But at the moment, I really don't feel comfortable working there without my co-op's full consent of my choices in its progress. But it is super close to being done and if we were to pick it back up it could be done in 7-10 hours.

In that case, I guess it allows others fosters to be worked upon.


Hey @otty hi me agiain. I saw on another thread that Greenstone was now complete. Can you confirm?

If so, can you pretty please with TWO cherries on top write a wiki article for the Greenstone page?