Dornish Marches Terra


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I rlly like cashs test with iron it looks very natural and works for me very good the iron has a nice contrast to the SL alt and also gave us opportunity’s for a better transition between the SL Marches and Dorne.


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Iron is a good way to include them being the 'Red Mountains' without using the brighter Dornish terrainset palettes. The test is one of Tham's while the CTM blending was just a part of the thampack iirc.
Anyway, I think I've blathered on about this a lot but dividing the Stormlands into three vague regions for terrainset makes sense. Red Mountains (Iron, RM ts, Alt Storm ts, Pebbles, whatever it may be), Cape Wrath (Brown Storm ts) and Northern Stormlands (II ts, East Islands ts, Reach ts, MotM ts). The Red Mountains have the difficulty of sitting between three TS colours. Finding a subdued/dimmer palette - Stormlands is dour and gloomy when compared to Dorne - rather than trying to blend stripes into RM ts and Dorne ts would be a better solution to the issue at hand.
Now that's not to say I don't like the striations, I just think they could be more subtle, like how the pebbles aren't immediately identifiable but create interest or the grey light stone patterning that used to be above wullvillage3.

Honestly, I'm of the opinion that Stormlands terrainset should be used as a detailing block everywhere outside of old forests (tannin staining and less obvious rock formations, easier to hide caves and CotF hollow hills) and Cape Wrath and maybe in the north. Dunino Den and other areas of Scotland feature a red brown stone which looks similar to Stormlands ts. Imo, it fits well with these two settings and otherwise shouldn't cover an entire region that for the most part doesn't have its dark appearance, instead red and pale stone is described.


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Was mucking around with WE and found something that could be useful here:


//generate -o black {v=((round(x/10+10*perlin(0,x/1,y/1,z/1,0.01,4,0.8))+round(z/10+10*perlin(0,x/1,y/1,z/1,0.01,4,0.8)))+(y))%20;(v>=-5)&&(v<5)}

Gonna try to make it into a script, because the command is a bit of a doozy...

EDIT: see here:
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Latest attempt using Emote's brilliant striation script.
As suggested to reduce the amount of overlap of the lines, I've first added guiding layers of concrete, then masked the various rock striations to them. Some lines get cut off when they merge into larder lines above/beneath them, but it seems to generally work. I've also added a smattering of the grey sandstone masked to below y:128 as well. I'll keep playing with it but let me know if any thoughts on the block mix of Stormlands Alt/Iron Ore/Grey Sandstone/Stormlands Dry Pebbles. Can see the test ingame at /warp dmtest


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