Dohaerys Builder Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your age?

In what country are you living?

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?
Don't Remember

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
The world and how detailed and immersive it is: every time I read a scene in the streets of KL I can imagine the noises, smells and atmosphere like I was there. Also dragons are cool.

What is your favorite build on our server?
I love Kings Landing, it is amazingly complex and detailed. You can enter any house and imagine a backstory based on the details within. But I must say Highgarden looks absolutely amazing as well (unlike the show version ;-; ).

Why do you want to join our server?
I would love to contribute to this amazing project. I am a pretty experienced vanilla builder. Vanilla builds are usually on a very large scale, whether it's castles or organics since we have a limited scale for fine details. But this project is unique in that it's at a very detailed small scale, which would be a really nice change from huge world edit castles that I am normally used to building.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow


The Old Bear
Hi Dohaerys,

You've nailed your application house, I have no concerns about it.

For your first build challenge please build something you think would be appropriate at /warp Duskendale.

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Excited to come one step closer to becoming a builder. I spent some time flying around Duskendale, and came up with this.
Here is what I would imagine the townhouse of a middle class wine trader might look like:


An image of the house (all other angles and interiors are available in the above album)


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The Old Bear
Hey, so sorry I've been busy with IRL work!

Firstly the positives

  • Good use of space, like your use of log wall blocks to suggest at supports/break up rooms.
  • Largely decent furnishings, in the appropriate spaces.
  • Structurally, the building looks well constructed.

Some things to improve for your next challenge
  • We try to avoid using just wooden full blocks to suggest furniture. Most notable on images 6 and 7. Looks a little clunky-- some cabinetry or some other furnishings are much better.
  • Your ceiling rafters are a little uniform and don't intersect nicely with the wall blocks and the exposed KL Dun brick roof seen in images 6 and 7 also. The way these rafters interface with some of the cabinets isn't visually pleasing either. Using half blocks to
  • Furnishings are a bit samey in places-- notably the wine casks. You don't need to go totally overboard to suggest a profession-- I like to put some wooden buttons or add nothing to barrels too just for some visual interest and differences.
  • Oak supports under the external eaves which are jungle, just clashes a lot.
  • Not a fan of the simple wattle and daub patterning with the cross hatch, but it could be acceptable at some builds.
Over all a good job,

For your next challenge take a look at /warp Woodwright and build something in that style.
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The Old Bear
Hey Dohaerys,

Sorry for the slow reply, I continue to be busy with RL work.

Looks like a really good build, I am happy with it barring some tiny tiny details, so think you should be really pleased.

Your furnishings are a bit busy in places, things like tables on top of cabinetry, for example. Lots of draw blocks too that I noticed.

I have no other concerns, other than I'd avoid using trapdoors for shelving as they're a bit 'vanilla' looking.

Continue to produce something high quality for your next build and I'd be happy to welcome you to the team,

For your next challenge build, build me something in your favourite project's style. Your choice!

Good luck

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The Old Bear
Hi Dohaerys,

A good attempt, some small issues, namely around being confident in using furnishings sparingly-- some of your rooms are a little busy. You don't have to fill all the space!

I think these issues are best solved by working closely with whoever takes up your probationary period, which I'm happy for you to proceed to.

Your probation leader is best placed to get you right up to that 'server standard' we look for, and will work closely to improve these small issues. Structurally I think you're fine though, and in a good position to develop into an excellent builder.

Be sure to create a probation thread, and pester a mod to promote you in game.

Congratulations and welcome to the team,