Contest - A life in Oldtown


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Contest | A Life in Oldtown
Oldtown is the second largest city in Westeros, a city renowned for its affinity with trade and craftsmanship. Behind the neat facade of rich merchants, nobles and clergy lies the true backbone of the city; dockhands, craftsmen and unspecialised workers, the lowest of the lower classes.

This contest will focus on the lives of the lower classes in Oldtown. How they live, where they work and what they do for pleasure. The goal is to make a final push to finish the style for the server build and set the groundworks to open up the first district for building. The warp to the contest grounds is /wrap otcontest.

It’s advised to read the chapters about Plot types, Inspiration, Economy and Architecture of the Oldtown document.

As usual, Guests are allowed to compete as well! Please follow this link and leave us your username. Your submission will only count if you have been on our server before under that username. Builders do not need to fill in this form.

Multiple submissions will be allowed, as well as co-ops. However, you can only receive a prize for one submission. Prizes for co-ops will be divided.

Winners will be determined by IwanDeLarch, EStoop and the leaders of the active Oldtown teams, who will each award points for creativity, effort and faithfulness to the theme.

Bragging rights and a forum flair: Master Architect of Oldtown

Contest period
The contest will start the 1st of Februari (which is today) and end the 1st 15th of April.

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I was wondering if the length of the contest could be extended. I would love to finish my entry (and start another, but I need to be realistic hahaha) and I'm sure other people would love to have more time to finish theirs. There are lots of really promising tests, but very few are finished afaik.


Steward of Oldtown, Knight of Fairmarket
Hey All!

This is a reminder that the contest will end at the end of this week. If you have unfinished tests make sure to wrap them up, or, if you want to show off your skill and creativity and have time to spare this week, pop out another entry.

If you won't be able to finish your entry this week, but would be able to finish it over the weekend, send me a message on the forums or discord and chances are we can work something out.

Good luck everyone with the last straws!

Kind regards,

Iwan & Stoop


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Hello again!

Today is the last day to finish your contest entry, make sure to wrap it up before 23:59:59 EDT.
Alternatively, make sure to finish it before any of the jurors are able to review the entries (whenever that might be).
I know I am not going to start at 6:00 in the morning.

Kind regards


Steward of Oldtown, Knight of Fairmarket
Hey all!

With a slight delay we're finally ready to announce the winners of the "A Life in Oldtown" Contest.
First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. There are some amazing entries out there!

The entries have been reviewed by Dutchguard, Iwan, Jake, Lemon, Luke and yours truly, and we're happy to announce the following champions:
  1. Azulejo
  2. ContraBlonde (2)
  3. eag_inc
While the contest is over, it wouldn't be Oldtown if we wouldn't ask for more tests. Feel free to finish your contest entries (even if you feel it misses the contest theme) or to test for something else during the coming weeks while we figure out a style for the city.

Love, hugs and kisses,

Team Oldtown