Christmas Event 2017


Hi builders and guests, you've waited so long for it, but here it is now! The Christmas Event is now open! :D

@Aslanio , with the help of @Cedo @Wazgamer and @Contra, has prepared some activities for you, to enjoy your Christmas and New Year's celebrations on WesterosCraft. We thank you all guys!

And here's what they've made for you:
Useful warps:
- warp christmas
- warp contest

Contest: generic christmas theme, but you build in a snowglobe!!
It starts now, and will end around New Year, prize is to be determined.

Event calendar:
- PVP: Monday 18th, 8pm GMT
- Pictionary: Tuesday 19th, 8pm GMT
Those aren't final, and people are free to play whenever they want.

What you'll find there: pictionary, contest, sledging, hardcore parkour, maze, pvp/archery, and the WIP Nativity.

Hope you'll enjoy it, and we wish you all merry Christmas on WesterosCraft! :)
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Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
The Nativity should be done closer to christmas, sadly I've not been able to work on it due to an inability to get onto the server for more than 5 mins without crashing. Looking forward to all these events though! Maybe we could even to a christmas cards against humanity? :D


These all sound like great ideas.
Pick a time and place. Maybe use one of those online schedulers to help arrange a time?
Hell people could even watch a nice Christmas Movie like Tammy and the T Rex.