Christmas Event 2017

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By Elduwin on Dec 16, 2017 at 8:51 AM
  1. Hi builders and guests, you've waited so long for it, but here it is now! The Christmas Event is now open! :D

    @Aslanio , with the help of @Cedo @Wazgamer and @Contra, has prepared some activities for you, to enjoy your Christmas and New Year's celebrations on WesterosCraft. We thank you all guys!

    And here's what they've made for you:
    Useful warps:
    - warp christmas
    - warp contest

    Contest: generic christmas theme, but you build in a snowglobe!!
    It starts now, and will end around New Year, prize is to be determined.

    Event calendar:
    - PVP: Monday 18th, 8pm GMT
    - Pictionary: Tuesday 19th, 8pm GMT
    Those aren't final, and people are free to play whenever they want.

    What you'll find there: pictionary, contest, sledging, hardcore parkour, maze, pvp/archery, and the WIP Nativity.

    Hope you'll enjoy it, and we wish you all merry Christmas on WesterosCraft! :)
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Discussion in 'News' started by Elduwin, Dec 16, 2017.