bwod_30 Builder Application


What is your Minecraft username?

What is your age?

In what country are you living?
United States

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
Martin's overall world building of how he makes every Westeros province unique. This also makes how all of the different house's interact with each other interesting.

What is your favorite build on our server?
Mistwood, it somehow accomplished feeling like a Westeros medieval castle whilst also feeling like I stepped into an Ewok village.

Why do you want to join our server?
I have always been fascinated with making environments come to life, and the Minecraft creations that I have seen on this server are the best creations that I have ever seen, not to mention that I'm obsessed with the world of Ice and Fire that Martin has created. I am about to start college as an Architectural Engineer and I feel that not only would this challenge me to become a better Minecrafter, but also enhance my visual imagery. I have experience on console Minecraft as I have been playing it for about 5 years, and I've just recently acquired a PC. On console, I have built projects such as a full-fledged Hogwarts, a 5,000 x 2,000 block map of the Earth, and the city of Riften from Skyrim. On the server, I could perhaps help build the smaller repetitive houses, or maybe I could specialize in a building a specific type of building such as inn's or bakeries. Really, I could build whatever you need me to build, and educate myself on whatever that topic is.

Tell us about your build.
I built a low-class house based in the Riverlands. The Riverlands were recently called into war at the beginning of a Clash of Kings, so the husband and son of the three-person household went off to war under banner men, so there is are broken swords and shields inside. You also may notice a broken war-wagon behind the house, and it's front axle wheel is inside the house to be fixed. I imagined the house to be placed in a small homestead, so I also added some independent crops with a well. I chose to make a stone house with a slight timber framing and a thatched roof. I chose to use spruce wood instead of oak because it felt more accurate as it is in close proximity to the North.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow.


The Old Bear
Hi Bwod,

Good to see you've finally applied. I'm looking forward to having you join us in the build team!

A good attempt, although in a style which we don't typically 'go for' any more on the server. Don't be disheartened though, you display great foundational talent on which to build! I think your external veggie patches and 'life' are admirable so keep going.

Some things you did well

  • You covered the thatch on the underside of the interior-- an important detail so many people miss in their first application.
  • Your furnishings clearly demarkate each area of the house, although I have some criticisms I will outline below.
  • I like your justifications for using certain blocks, it's always good to add a bit of flair, but be sure it doesn't detract with messy furnishings.

Some things you need to reconsider

  • The house is in an outdated style, so don't be disheartened however we wouldn't typically use lumpy thatch, or extensive logs as key parts of the build
  • Your furnishings are too dense, highlighted particularly by the floating blocks, and half doors which suggest a thoroughly modern kitchen to me with floating cabinetry.
  • Don't feel you need to fill upt the space, a sleeping space, a place to cook/heat oneself and some luxuries is all you need.
  • Don't forget your chimneys! They're a great way to break up house silhouettes

For your first challenge build something you'd find in the town walls at Duskendale.

Good luck!



Thanks for the feedback! I actually had a lot of fun on examining and building this Duskendale style.
- I noticed that most Duskendale houses were double sided so I made my house a duplex, with the bottom layer being the house of a man who cleans fish, and the top house being a family who specializes in selling sourleaf (ugh).
- I also noticed that many houses are on an elevation so I incorporated that by having the bottom house be basically underground on the side of the spicer house.
- The duplex is a house that is at the end of a chain of houses in a singular line, as many Duskendale houses seemed to be, so one side of the house does not have a finished look as it would be snuggled up against a different house.
Hope you like it!


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The Old Bear
You nailed it Bwod, good job!

This is a house, that with a little bit of feedback, I'd have been happy to include within the Duskendale town walls. You should be really pleased with such an improvement from your application build, to this first challenge.

I only have 2-3 pieces of criticism for the whole build, so again, you nailed it!

Just some things to reflect on;

  • The upright support for the spicer sign is huge! I know it's hard to figure out how we do our chain supports without world edit/ if you've never done before so I'll let you off in this case!
  • Try and cover as much of the underside of a roof in your attic as you can. If you're not a fan of the stair/half door design used extensively some builders opt for a strong, structural rafter.
  • Not a fan of a noble bed being used, I don't think there are any in even the nicest houses of Duskendale, try and stick to your pale green/red beds to suggest at a little bit of wealth, but not 'rich' by any stretch.

For your next challenge Bwod, take a look at /warp Woodwright and build me something you think would be appropriate there.

All the best and good luck,



Thanks for the feedback again, I'm really enjoying these different styles!
-I built a house would be on the outskirts of Woodwright so it's therefore self sustainable
-The pen in the front of the house is an animal pen, but I think that we're not allowed animals in the world? So had it look like the animals were butchered.
-The hamlet belongs to a man that fought in Robert's Rebellion under Randyll Tarly, but hasn't fought since. So there's a Tarly banner and and an old set of arms and armor that hasn't been touched in years.
Hope you like it!



The Old Bear
Great job Bwod,

Really nice build, I have nearly no issues.

A couple of minor things,

The notches in the thatch to suggest wear and tear are great, but you've done too many. I had a look around Woodwright and found maybe 3-4 at most on any given building. It just makes it look like a deliberate pattern than random weathering.

The only other thing I could pick out was not covering the side of one of our multi-sided blocks (in this case the broken cabinet), a wattle fence, half door, or any other block would be perfect.

Don't be shy with thatch on your floor, they're meant to emulate rushes in medieval homes so should fill more space than not.

For your next (and, likely final!) challenge, build a house in the style of White Harbor!

Best of luck,



Here's the White Harbor house, I appreciate the tips from the Woodwright house!
-This is a middle-upper class house that has made an living off the importation of wine.
- Obviously, since White Harbor is in the North not many vineyards would be flourishing, so instead this household imports from places like Essos or the Arbor.
-The bottom level is a wine tasting area, as this should be quite luxurious wine, well at least for White Harbor standards. The bottom level then leads to a purchasing area, for wine and the confirmation of imports.
-The actual home is accessed separately for the commercial section, and is accessed from the stairs outside. I went back and forth on whether this man can read, and decided he could because he would be signing imports of wine, so there's pieces of paper scattered here and there in the house.
-Behind the house is perhaps a miniature courtyard, and where the shipments come in, and where the shipped wine gets finishing touches, so there is a mini herb garden and an apiary for honey back there.
-Similar to Duskendale, this house is scrunched with another house, so there's no detail on the fourth wall.
-Lastly, yes I did change my skin if you were confused :)



The Old Bear
Good stuff Bwod, a few furnishing choices (brick table!) that would get ironed out by build feedback, but you'll learn all these little tips and tricks over your probation.

I'm more than pleased to welcome you to the build team!