[3/12/18] - Thread Grab Opportunity


Hey everyone, the old forums will be up for 3 days as of now, giving people plenty of opportunity to grab threads they need:


Please, feel free to grab any thread you feel is important, regardless of whether you made it or not.

Make sure to search the new forums before transferring a thread, to make sure that thread doesn't already exist. Make sure to transfer the thread to the correct corresponding subforum here. If there are multiple important posts, you can press "quote" on the old forums and copy/paste the contents of each post into the OP of the new thread. Make sure to put them in chronological order.

If you transfer a thread other than a personal project application, please make a post in this thread with the name of the thread you transferred.

Reminder: All of the threads on the old forum are backed up and will not be lost, however they are unfortunately in a format which is difficult to import into the new forums. For now, we have to transfer threads manually.


Lord Paramount of The Riverlands
Step right up, step right up, get your forum posts while they last! Fresh outta the oven, we got your actually important threads, your generic projects threads and everyone’s favourites the old meme threads like “shit lyl says” that barely any new builders understand but are forced to find funny!