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Immersion Build


Coordinates: -519 56 10507

East of Stoney Sept

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Taverns and especially Inns are important for people traveling through the country. Mostly for the merchants, kingslanding isnt that far away and if you follow the streat southwards and then to the east, you will get to kingslanding very soon.
My inspiration is the tavern northeast of Rattay from the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Took some inpiration for the layout from there.


The tavern itself will be within the triangle with a low stonewall around it. The wall will have two entrances, one from the west and one from southeast, for a good access from both stoney sept and kings landing.
Buildings will be:

- storage area/dining area with the rooms above, access through a wooden stair from outside
- kitchen with the owners residence above, access through a wooden stair from outside
- stables
- lot of firewood storage

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(ill maybe make the buildings a bit bigger)

green: storage, rooms (storage area (lower floor) will be built to the half in the ground, so that it is cooler)
red: dining area
blue: kitchen, owners residence
yellow: stables
turquoise: outside dining area
pink: well

also little canopys for firewood built distributed at the walls


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fassade of the storage/rooms building

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gradient (2 variants for the buildings made of stoney, also for the wall.

Hope I got everything needed for an app.

Feel free to reply and please give feedback, gladly negative feedback and tips.


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Changes: Layout, Roads

1 - Kitchen, guest rooms above
2 - dining room, guest rooms above
3 - guestrooms, owners residence above
4 - storage
5 - well
6 - outside dining area
7 - stables
8 - firewood storage

waiting for feedback and mod approval.
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I like the layout and the test - I will probably provide further feedback in game during the building process, but consider this application approved. Stick to the lighter grey palette for now.

As this is a small immersion project, I am happy for you to proceed with just my approval. Best of luck!


Got a question:


so this is what it looks from above at the current state. Im planning to make some fields around, also to feed the people in the hamlet south (thank you iwan for the tip ^^). can i make some farmer houses, because someone has to reap the fields.
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