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    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

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    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

    Nope, Veg
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    Forum Game: Guess Who Posts Next

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    Website down?!

    I think the website is down. The url works, but all links which start only with are not working. Not sure if this is still a known issue. Best regards, Xes
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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    I love the new blocks! But: Short "bug"-report: sth went wrong with the stair texture, even with still existing ones. Plus the Reach Cobble Stair is broken in the normal version too. Edit: Cobble-Stairs in general Edit2: Brick-Stairs too for example - maybe others are affected too, I didn't...
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    In Progress Project Application: Duskendale

    There is a library one floor below the Lord quarters, with a reading area next to it.
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    In Progress Highgarden

    Xeson here with a shout :): finished tests for all remaining circular gardens on my plot (for five months now, with the already existing feedback from @Arkilstorm , that he for example likes the yellow one) Please note: There are different alternatives for the garden tests, choose which one...
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    Project Application: House Sawyer by Xeson

    Thank you Lemonbear :) I added a small Update to my application. I'll talk about the size of the Layout and then explain my plans for the actual hop plantation!
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    Project Application: House Sawyer by Xeson

    Hey all. I would like to present my project application for the knightly house Sawyer in the Reach. *Please Note: The location itself is not yet approved, but @Emotione11 recommended that this step could be done during the current application and, if necessary, that I then should adapt the...
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    spinachpizza Builder Application

    "Give us 5-7 days to reply to your application. If you had no reply after 5 days, feel free to send a pm to a moderator about your app" (n.2 Etiquette).
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    Unseen Westeros - Art Exhibit Berlin January 2019

    Here you can still buy many different art prints and the book too. Even without doing so, some images on the website could be inspirations for future projects.
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    In Progress House Hersy of Newkeep

    OK. Time for a small update. I completed all houses at newkeepholdfast and prepared the fields for the replacement with Worldedit based on the colors at /warp newkeepfarming I think trees should be placed on the mountainside to cover the small village better. More minor details will be...
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    Probation: Xeson

    I was promoted to builder by Iwan on Sunday already. I would like to thank you for your feedback and your time and I look forward to working with you in the future. Best regards :)
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    In Progress House Hersy of Newkeep

    Thanks for your feedback. Mandos responded to my initial suggestions that this Holdfast guarded the entrance to the Vale and should therefore be more than a pure holdfast. The village is therefore also more extensive than a pure fishing village, because travelers use this place as a first stop...
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    In Progress House Hersy of Newkeep

    NK Holdfast with fisher village After completing my probation yesterday, I would like to share my planning for a Hamlet. In consultation with Mandos I have created the following plan. I am open to comments regarding my planning. The houses are based on the previous in the New Keep Project area...