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    Probation: nubcaker

    Bit late, but here's my probation thread. I'm a returning builder with a shortened probation period. Enjoy!
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    nubcaker Builder Application

    Hey Emot, that's great to hear! Thank you for having me back.
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    nubcaker Builder Application

    What is your Minecraft username? nubcaker What is your age? 21-24 In what country are you living? Belgium Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft? Don't Remember What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF? the crazy amount of lore built with historical realism in mind. And this...
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    Probation: nubcaker

    27th build: /warp stoneysept at x: -1550 y: 64 z: 11285. Middle-class chainmail maker.
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    Probation: nubcaker

    25th build: /warp Stoneysept at x: -1612 y: 63 z: 11288. Low-class farmers' home. Two families. 26th build: /warp Stoneysept at x: -1552 y: 56 z: 11347. Middle-class architect.
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    Immersion Builds

    This is a great idea!
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    Probation: nubcaker

    23rd build: /warp Stoneysept at x: -1635 y: 63 z: 11270. Middle-class town bureaucrat. 24th build: /warp Fermont at x: -3517 y: 70 z: -1899. Lodging for a Liege.
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    WesterosCraft Image References Repository

    I'll take a walk through the medieval part of my city and take some pictures. Lots of old and pretty buildings that can be used as inspiration. You can add me as an editor if you want.
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    Probation: nubcaker

    21st build: /warp Fermont at x: -3516 y: 73 z: -1938. Big townhall for Fermont. Ahorn asked to put an approved block down when we've taken a look at this. 22nd build: /warp Clennon at x: -8231 y: 61 z: 377. Horse breeder's home.
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    Probation: nubcaker

    19th build: /warp Burnley at x: -4761 y: 53 z: -1635. Low-class fisherman's home. 20th build: /warp Wyltown at x: 2333 y: 84 z: 20590. Low-class residence.
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    Westeroscraft X IBXToycat

    "Septor of Baelon" lmao. Great video.
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    mrLudicrou5 Builder Application

    Your Imgur link is broken.
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    Dynmap issues

    Try clearing your cache. Works for me when I have this issue.
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    Probation: nubcaker

    17th build: /warp Southwold at x: -9605 y: 50 z: 1075. Sheep farmer. 18th build: /warp Hove at x: -7821 y: 51 z: -347. Smoke sauna/bath house.