Viewing Donation Drive: Community expenses

We depend on user contributions to keep the community running. Please consider donating if you have enjoyed the project.

With a renewed and growing community, and exciting things to come in WesterosCraft's future, there comes more expenses to run the server and all its associated resources. Some of these include:
  • Licenses for plugins (forums and its associated plugins, CMS's)
  • Hosting (server and website)
  • Domains
  • Contest rewards for the community
Currently, if you donate at least 5 bucks, you can get a custom title on any of our servers. More donor perks will come in the future as well. We will never offer map downloads for money, they will be freely given on our downloads page.

As always, WesterosCraft will always be free to join and explore as long as you have already purchased Minecraft.

Thank you for supporting us!
This donation drive ends in
  • Confirmed
  • Trophy Test
  • Confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • Confirmed
  • For tha north
  • Confirmed