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What is your age?

In what country are you living?
United Kingdom

Where did you first hear about WesterosCraft?

What do you like the most about GoT/ASoIaF?
I don't fully understand why, but it's really satisfying when characters receive news of what the reader has already seen happen from someone else's perspective.

What is your favorite build on our server?
The Crag - it's the site of major events that take place off screen, and the server's version evokes the half-ruined yet beautiful place it's described as very well.

Why do you want to join our server?
It's a very impressive project, and I'd like to help see it to completion. I was really into the building aspect of minecraft in my teens despite not touching the game itself in years I've continued to follow what others were doing with it - this server was the the thing that motivated me to come back. I'm also a passionate worldbuilder, and would love to take that to areas of areas of the map with less canon information to go on. I have ideas.


Did you follow the application rules?
You know nothing, Jon Snow


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Hey Yialoth! Nice to see you are down for filling up the areas with less canon, sometimes those end up being little jewels hidden beneath the big boys. Also I do agree with how interesting and engaging it can be to see when a character receives some shocking news, their reaction can tell a lot. Just one comment regarding your application, you seem to have forgotten to answer what is your Minecraft username. Nothing major, but it is convinient for us to know for whenever we see you around and specially if you end up joining our community.

Going back to the main thing, nice work with the app house! I see no major issues with it. With this build we hope you catched some of the techniques and ways we have of building here. Now your task will be to build other houses in the style of different locations in our server, but this time instead of copying you will have to come up with a design of your own based on the characteristics of the area we tell you.

Your next challenge will be to build a farmer's house in the style of /warp sdham1, with a yard. You can also check /warp sdham2 or /warp sdham3 for additional inspo, they all follow the same style. Once you are done you can upload some screenshots here and I will evaluate them as soon as I can. Have fun!​


My Minecraft username is Yialoth.

As requested, here is a house for a family of smallfolk from Massey's Hook.


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Really nice build! I have very little to say, mostly suggestions, as you did great! I think I would swicth the cooking area and the sleeping area. Right now the first one is a bit too far from the heart, while the thatch beds are dangerously close to a fire source. Being a bit nitpicky, perhaps the stone base could use another block at its gradient for a little more variation, at times it looks really uniform. By the way, if you ever need to upload more than 10 pics you can use an image hosting website like imgur.com. Other than that yeah, nothing else. For your next challenge go to /warp GhostHill and build a house with a profession and a yard. Good luck and have fun!​


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Good build Yialoth! Clean looking and I quite like the balcony at the back. I have a few commets to make, nothing major:​
  • When doing ceiling rafters rather than just using stairs alternate stairs and slabs so the rafters are a little bit more spaced out. The standard way of doing it is slab-stair-stair-slab. Might be easier to just show an image:​
  • Not a mistake, but I would make the yard just a little bit bigger.​
  • Not sure if a bookbinder is an appropiate profession for a small town like Ghost Hill. It might be very fancy and not have enough potential clients around, other than perhaps merchants. Just a comment, not really a mistake either. It is plausible the port of the town can sustain such thing.​
Overall you did very good! For your next challenge go to /warp Duskendale and build a high class house with a profession and a yard. High class houses can be identified by their size, professions and fanciness, as well as their location. Generally at Duskendale they are located at the north side of the city as well as the sept street. Good luck and have fun!​
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Welcome to Hobert and Sons Silversmiths, makers of the finest mirrors and cutlery in Duskendale.

I wasn't sure exactly where the line between middle and high class is here so I looked primarily at the very top end for inspiration.

I'm also choosing to headcanon that my previous two builds used to exist but the Stonedance house burned down and the bookbinder went out of business.


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I'm also choosing to headcanon that my previous two builds used to exist but the Stonedance house burned down and the bookbinder went out of business.​
That's cute hahahaha, I will always support additional headcanon.

Good job overall! You did well indeed by looking at the very top for the high class inspiration, it is a safe bet. I appreciate you going for a more challenging plot shape, diagonals aren't easy overall and less so are 2 blocks diagonals. As you know already I will go now over the main points of my feedback:​
  • As I said, 2 blocks diagonals aren't the easiest, and sometimes builds can suffer from that. Overall you did well with it, but in general I would say that it is best if you go for diagonals that aren't as tight, unless the planning demands for a build in the area to have that shape. I think choosing to make one of the corners a turret is a good choice. Having said that adding too much complexity into the building when it already has the added complexity of being on a tight diagonal can end up erasing the main features of said build and make it look messy.​
  • The roof suffered a little due to this, but I think you did okay. I'd suggest having the round corner/turret end on a pointier cone-shaped roof, as you can find in Duskendale pretty frequently. As of right now it is a bit round-ish and dome-like, which looks odd.​
  • I recommend having some wider windows. It is hard to make windows wider than 1 block on 2-block diagonals, but there is ways. You can have half doors at the exposed side to cover the glass at that area. It would help balance the side façades a bit. Here are some examples:​
  • Usually we don't go for diagonal ceiling rafters or furniture at that size, but it can be done occasionaly, and I do think your building demands it.
For your next challenge go to /warp Beresford and build a small farmstead. Keep in mind farmsteads are complexes of several buildings with different functions. Around Beresford you will find many examples. Generally they have a house, a barn/animal pens, some vegetable patches and perhaps some extra buildings if the farmstead produces anything special. Good luck and have fun!​
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