Xx_CC23_xX Probation Thread


Hello CC and welcome to the Westeroscraft Team!

I am Rex and I will be your probation leader for the upcoming weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing what you build! During your probation time I encourage you to try to complete as many builds as possible. I would like you to build at least 5 buildings in different locations. Try to build in all the regions (North, Vale, Riverlands, Crownlands, Stormlands, Westerlands, Reach & Dorne) in order to immerse yourself fully into the main different styles. Build both Low- and Middle-class houses, Rural and Urban, and even High-class ones if you manage to find any around. Build houses, shops, industry… really anything you come across and like.

When you finish a build you’ll have to post it here on the forums and I’ll go check it out to give you feedback. Feedback will be given either via melons or in-game if we manage to connect at the same time (you can always send me a message through discord). Please add the following information when posting your builds on your probation thread:

1. Build number [Ex: Probie Build #1]
2. /warp **** (closest warp to your build)
3. Coordinates xx/yy/zz

If you are having trouble finding a plot by yourself:

-Ask builders if they have any available.
-Check /warp build
-Look in the Dynmap for any plot markers

The probation period is usually a month, but if I don’t see you ready enough I’ll extend it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s how we learn! You can ask other builders or probies for help or advice if you need to (but don’t let them build in your place! Improvement only happens if you do it yourself.)

I hope you have fun during your probation period! Try to enjoy the process!


Hey rex,

Sorry I haven't been on in a a bit! So i have been swamped with school work and finals are coming up. I am hoping that the probation could be moved to the month of December, because I will have a lot more time to learn and build then.

Sure, dont worry at all! Just write again when your have more time! And lots of luck with your finals!


This is a Boat Repair Shop/Living Space at /warp Eastwatch.


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