WorldEdit Error Reporting


The Dark Lord Sauron
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Hi everyone, this thread is for reporting WorldEdit mistakes found on the Production server.

Today we found this large gravel cube at /warp wells:


It appears to be fresh; @Margaery_Tyrell claims she was at Wells yesterday and there was no cube there. Also, the dynmap as of writing this doesn't appear to have updated.

No major damage seems to have done, though a small bit off the top of the caravanserai, a few trees, and a tiny sliver of the keep have been taken out. Has anybody with editing powers been around Wells recently?

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Here's the original for comparison snipped from Dynmap before it could update.



This is just so we have something to reference if push comes to shove and we can't revert the damage and have to rebuild the bits affected from scratch.

I found some more picture from Wells made by contra. They are from pretty far, but i think you can see an angle from the caravanserai that you can’t see on the dynmap. A48A7AEF-A1F8-4709-BA8B-C2A4052C410B.jpegAAFB4B56-7394-44DB-B495-2A45D37642A3.jpegB934A166-2E2E-46A9-AB41-CA2609495DD8.jpeg
I don’t know if it already has been repaired. If not i would like repair it as much as possible to it former state. I don’t have much to do at stacksspear anyways, since i’m waiting for terra.