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House Estren
The Westerlands

Project Lead(s): Pixeld_

Build Type: Castle

Warp: /warp wyndhall

Project Application:

Build Status: Completed

Start Date: May 6, 2020
Completion Date: Apr 16, 2021


House Estren is a noble house from The Westerlands located along the Tumblestone. The only known member is Lord Regenard Estren, who is captured at the battle of The Wispering Wood.


The castle (/warp wyndhall) sits atop the mountain over looking the forest and the village (/warp whvillage) beyond. The agricultural centre of their lands is located near the southern river, centered around the hamlet (/warp whham). On the border with Payne lands is a holdfast (/warp whhf) to warn and protect against riverland invasions. Right in the middle you can find a rock formation which is the site of a gold mine (/warp pendrichills).