WH new Old Mint


Some of you may have noticed me testing for the Old Mint in test. Well it's done as far as I'm willing to make it at this point (exteriors need some finishing up, something I'd like to do on location).

I'll treat this as any other application (minus some formalities), so here we go:

Here's a pic:

Nearest warp is otblocktest, then fly slightly southeast. Otherwise WHtest, then south.

Minor spoilers in here:

Ok, main points are:
  • abandoned building (however it's implied that it could be put to use again. Lord Manderly offers to have coins minted in white harbour for Robb)
  • Large iron and oak doors
  • Davos says it's later being used to house refugees from the war. No canon on the building here ofc, but it helps paint a mental picture, imagining hundreds of refugees huddled up in the entrance.

A few words on the building itself: So I tried to show two different parts of the structure: An older more industrial part where I used rougher stone and tried using a romanesque style, in order to show the building from a more functionality-based standpoint. And a fancy shining white facade (based on the London Guildhall) which was later added once the mint rose in importance and prestige.
(also please excuse the asymmetry in the current version, as I said I'd like to add the finishing exterior details on location so I can best adjust it to its surroundings.)

A note on the current version and why I don't think it fits: There's two reasons. The first is the exterior design, which in my opinion hasn't aged too well, and which I'm afraid will quickly become and eyesore to such a recent and otherwise really cool build. The second reason is it's functionality: I can easily imagine people walking in there and mistaking the building for a town hall of some sort, or even a mansion: It's pretty much entirely decorative in its current form.

Umm.. I think that's all I have to say. @Halpaca, I would welcome input or any additional help if you're still interested. You haven't even registered on this forums yet, so I doubt I'll be hearing from you but as the original builder you deserve a chance to participate.