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    What's up guys. With the launcher done I'm thinking about other projects we could start working on. Battle Royale came to mind.

    Unlike the Conquest idea, this would more closely follow a Battle Royale theme. Our map is WAY too large to include in its entirety, but we could select specific regions to include in the gamemode. The selections should probably follow a specific criteria, taking into consideration the number of settlements (Cities, Castles, Villages).

    The overall concept is to have a shrinking playable zone. Players would be able to loot chests and fight to the death. We could also throw in some unique items or abilities, whatever makes the game more fun.

    Main points to consider:

    • Playable Zone
      • Will we use the built-in **square** world border or try to make something a little more custom. An artificial circular region is possible, we just need to figure out how we'll get it to display ingame.
      • The initial size of the region.
      • The intervals by which the zone will shrink.
      • The size the zone shrinks for each interval.
      • How much damage should the player take over time if they're caught outside the zone.
      • We have a huge advantage in implementing this given that we have forge at our disposal. We could most likely include a map of the entire region on the user's interface to indicate region size your current location.
    • Loot
      • How should the chests be placed? Randomly or in predetermined locations. If everything's predetermined, we could have a more realistic experience. For example, you would need to head to castle storage areas, bedrooms, kitchens, etc to find loot.
      • Should we include some type of special loot? For example, we could maybe have a diamond axe called "Robert's Warhammer" and buff it up quite a bit.
    • Anything Unique
      • Classes?
      • Abilities?
    Let me know what you guys think. This is a very general outline, but with some community involvement we could come up with a very fun game.
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  2. For the world shrinking, is there going to be any reasoning, Fortnite has its hocus pocus storm, Ring of Elysium has its much more realistic blizzard that follows terrain. It would probably be easiest to make it as simple as possible.

    I had an idea about it beginning as summer/autumn and it beginning to snow, heralding the beginning of area removal. This would then be a 'Winter is coming'/Long Night reference with maybe snow appearing and covering things lightly with snow. So eventually the last few are battling amongst the white with it much harder to sneak up on people due to the crunching of snow beneath feat.

    Special Items and classes sound like a good idea, but again, balancing could present difficulties. I would love to be able to fight as a knight or crossbowmen with the different perks of the character having had 'training'. Obvious first ideas for classes would be a tank melee class (short range, very high damage, slow-ish), assault/all-rounder melee (is the 'bench mark' i.e Mr Average), glass cannon ranged, high health lower damage ranged, glass cannon melee.
    A way of quickly segregating these is into a Strong Class, an Average/Mid class, and a Lithe/Agile class. The strong class are the Tank. To offer more freedom it could be a blanket class with bonuses to a variety of weapons (a strong character doesn't have to wield a hammer or axe, they can also pick up a high draw weight bow or crossbow).
    Strong: Capable of using heavy weapons far more effectively, but is slower than average with more health and resistance to damage (if there is flinch, it is less). These would include greatswords, twohanded swords, hand and a half swords (bastard swords), longaxes, bonus distance and damage to bows, quicker reloading for crossbows.
    Average: good health, good speed. Has minus damage on precise weapons (throwing daggers, water dancing swords) and on heavy weapons
    Lithe: Is far faster, but not as hardy nor as fast. Better at using more intricate weapons (wds) which become incredibly dangerous in the hands of this class. Is it possible to throw items like with the trident in vanilla? This class should be able to use knives like this. My idea is that most kitchens will include some knives stored somewhere and so they will be a consistent option for the lithe to take.

    Set loot locations would encourage players to research and explore the server and would encourage players to think about where in a building things would be hidden/stored. This would also work well for placing unique weapons like famed valyrian steel heirlooms, Robert's Warhammer, Bloodraven's bow, etc in places of honour/reverence depending on what map. Down in the dragon room one could find a dragon tooth to use as an improvised dagger or within the royal armoury, Robert's hammer. Or at Winterfell, Ice.

    I have a question myself, would food, potions or a combination be used for healing?