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Discussion in 'Code' started by geeberry, Dec 11, 2018.

By geeberry on Dec 11, 2018 at 1:40 PM
  1. geeberry

    geeberry Kingthlayer Admin

    Hey guys

    Because I'm a psycho whos never satisfied, I've coded another website design. But, this time I brought actual design and dev experience from my old job and I think its the best result yet for one of our sites. Working with designers though doesn't make me a designer though and I welcome some feedback from anyone who would give it, on both design and content.

    Here are the 'main' links that I need feedback on. Glitches, design, bugs. I only have an iPhone, so someone with an Android or other phone could give feedback on any links would be awesome. The site isn't totally completely done but a big core is there - I need to do an About Us page etc, some links dont work, text needs filled in and there are a few features I want to make but not important right now - so please keep that in mind!

    Home page:
    Chronicle Page (this is the new Wiki)
    Chronicle Entry (what a submission to wiki would look like)
    Launcher Page:

    Again, any feedback on design, content or ideas you might have for making the community site better I would love to hear.
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Discussion in 'Code' started by geeberry, Dec 11, 2018.

    1. EStoop
      Looks good to me, but then again so does the current website.

      Missing the Westeroscraft logo in the new one though, maybe swap the creeper shield with our logo. We don't really use creepers anyway.
    2. Emotione11
      The chronicle section is nice! I rather like the cinematic background of the current homepage. Is there any particular reason for getting rid of that? What specific gains do you see from the new site over what we have right now?
    3. lemonbear
      Some feedback (sorry it's so image heavy):

      Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 3.01.26 PM.jpg
      Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 3.05.20 PM copy.jpg

      Chronicle Page:
      No critiques, looks good.

      Chronicle Entry:
      Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 3.11.01 PM.png

      Launcher Page:
      Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 3.13.17 PM.png
    4. geeberry
      Okay I'll consider our old logo, just thought it meshed better
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    5. geeberry
      I tried the main page both with and without the video but I think the static image just looked better with the overall design. I'm considering putting the video to use elsewhere though.

      The gains over this new site would be pretty huge - I have it integrated with a CMS called Craft that makes development way easier on my end, including custom plugins that could integrate with our site. If I buy a license for it, it will allow me to integrate a user system that we could then hook up with our forums. This would allow me to much more easily develop things such as an interactive progress list of all our builds, integrate the wiki with our map and more
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    6. geeberry
      No thanks I appreciate the pictures. Ill experiement with the logo and animation bar. Prioritizing same height would be smart too. I will center align the launcher text. Thanks!
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    7. EStoop
      Regarding the video/static background, I am in favour of the static one. The video always tends to stammer a bit on my devices.
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    8. Emotione11
      Perhaps you could move the cinematic to one of the "introduction"/"about us" pages, so it's still fairly obvious but not the first thing you see when trying to navigate the website?
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    9. geeberry
      Putting it on the about us page is a great idea. I will do that!
    10. SerLoras
      Any particular reason so many of the images are from the old world? Is that going to be updated eventually?
    11. geeberry
      Which ones specifically? I put several placeholders there and are slowly replacing them
    12. Dan_Prime
      Looks good. The only comment I have at this point is to clean up the How To Use section on the launcher page. The basic idea is to make it less of a wall of text. Perhaps condense the information on how to use the launcher into a paragraph and include a small graphic. Could also do a shorter bulleted list rather than a paragraph. If you want, I could take a closer look into this.

      I would also suggest adding a divider and new section for alternate options. This should probably be smaller font to make it less emphasized, the two options being "Vanilla" & "Technic", or equivalent. Those would then link back to the guides we have on the forums.

      There should also be some type of link such as "Having Issues? Check out the wiki." which would link to the wiki.
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    13. geeberry
      Yep - I still need to do a full copy refresh on everything, including all the links and such. I'll do a final post when its done!
    14. geeberry
      Also, I replaced the creeper face with the Westeroscraft W. The circle logo actually didn't look that good - at that size the ornamentation on the logo just looks like noise and looked bad. I think the W is pretty cool on the shield though! I still want to incorporate the red logo might look good on the Chronicle page

      I've started filling out content for the wiki pages, I've gotten most of the North entries in and some of the Crownlands, its pretty tedious but its getting there. You can see the list of the North entries here:
    15. SerLoras
      Looks like Winterfell and Castle Black are from the old world, and I think the shot of Pyke on the main Chronicle page is as well.
    16. geeberry
      Ah right. Yeah the Winterfell one will be replaced, though I'll prob keep Pyke because it just matches the look I want perfectly. The CB one is easily changed
    17. mikeprimm
      Site looks great here :)
    18. mikeprimm
      I love the Chronicle Entry idea - and it made me think of another feature: would you guys be interested if I added an option on Dynmap to be able to easily define a link with parameters that specify a marker name (in this case, specific to the markers for the warps). Net net is that the same '/warp X' you add now could also include a web link to "" or the like.
    19. geeberry
      That would be an awesome feature!