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Cersei's Left Bob
Hey, with the recent WCW videos, I can't help but notice that the main focus atm is on talking about stuff unrelated to the build and pointing out mistakes and errors. The latter is which concerns me, because Youtube is our biggest platform where we showcase our achievements and show them to the world. I feel like going through the build with the project lead (or someone who knows the project well, if the lead is unavailable) to get more information about the build and appropriately explain their vision to the viewers, as well as polish out some accidental flaws that have been overlooked, would result in a better final product. I don't mind criticism, but I'd rather it was expressed before putting it up for everyone to see, instead of low-key belittling individuals' work and presenting the server as unprofessional.
I'm sorry if this sounds aggressive or anything, just wanted to state my opinion :p


I have to agree I didn't appreciate how it seemed like you made some jokes at the expense of the build. I felt like it was super disrespectful to wrmd who lead the project. I also agree that it wasn't really cool to show off stuff like wool blocks or missing doors and instead of maybe recording later or editing that stuff out you showed it off for all to see. Looking at the YT comments there was someone who believed it wasn't finished and needed more time which wasn't true it just needed a few things fixed. I don't think these videos are for criticizing someones build as that's meant to be done by approving mods in private. When you put someones build on blast like you did it doesn't look good for the server or the person who created the project.


Hey Dragons,
I apologize if the video has upset you, on second thought I should have fixed the wool first and redone the clip (Lucia did tell me to do that but I didn't feel like it was necessary). I have now used the Youtube editor to cut that part from the video (It takes Youtube a little while for the change to show up but it should be fixed soon if not already).

I want to make clear that we do not aim to focus on errors and mistakes we complimented the surrounding area which is beautiful and also complimented the castle which aesthetically looks very nice. But when I see something that is not practical I do point it out (also in other builds), the main example being the gatehouse, which I do feel is a fair point to make.

When we make the video we record and upload it in the weekend as we don't have much time during the week. Those points would not have been able to be fixed instantly (except the wool and doors) and I would have expected that the things we criticized in the video should have been brought up and corrected before the project was post-approved.

I understand that you have privately spoken with Lucia about the situation and it was mentioned by yourself that changes were made to the build due to the criticisms we brought up. As Lucia mentioned, please feel free to let us know if you would like to take up our offer of having these changes along with any important places that were missed, featured at the beginning of next episode.