WC Not Launching

Discussion in 'Support' started by JudevonJude, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. JudevonJude

    JudevonJude Nobuild

    Hey Guys. Not able to launch WC atm. Seems to be stuck on "downloading files", but it shows as 100%, so I think it stops after "validating asset integrity". Both the test servers launch fine. Worked fine last night as well. Not sure how to access the log as it's launching to see any specifics. Any ideas?
  2. Spikespiegel

    Spikespiegel Nobuild

    Which of the launchers are you using?
  3. JudevonJude

    JudevonJude Nobuild

    The newest launcher. All sorted. It was nothing to do with the launcher. I did something stupid. Thanks for the swift reply, though!

    Pro tip: don't hide the .westeroscraft folder!
  4. Nirutham

    Nirutham Nobuild

    Anything you did more to solve your problem ?
    I'm encoutering the same issue

    Thanks a lot