Waterman, by Lord_damascus


Hey @lord_damascus
We'd like to know how's going Waterman, if you're still working on it, as it's been quite a long time (you haven't create a new thread since migration) that we haven't heard of it.
Please, copy/paste your application here on the new forum, and the main comments that were said on the old thread.
You'll also need 2 new mods for approval, as bafflement and carci have stepped down.
hi waz sorry for the long wait reply, I've have been inactive for a while I've been rather busy and haven't had much time for westeroscraft but now my schedule has cleared up I'm gonna be getting back into the game, and hopefully if it's alright with you and the other mod once I manage to get the launcher working and get back on the sever I can pick waterman back up and continue working on it and finally get it finished ?


Welcome back Damascus :)

Could you just put back your application here, and the main things that were said before being approved, so we can know what are the current plans?
Also, who were your mods? do you need new ones (if some has resigned since)?
hi elduwin
glad to be back just got to get the launcher working and I'll be back to business but I do believe I have to reapply for builder status if I'm right in thinking so, and that no worries I will do that for you ! and yes I will need new mods as my pervious mods have now both resigned by the sounds of it that was baffle and carc
hi guys
sorry I haven't manage to get on the sever I was having problems getting on and now my computer decided it no longer wants to work so I'm in need of a new one but hopefully should be back on soon once I get myself a new laptop. on another note I can't seem to found the original application that I made for waterman, but I can let you know of the progress I made so far with in the project;

over all waterman is about 70% complete I would say most of the building have been built and finished and all the hamlets and holdfasts are pretty much completed with the few little finishing touches to do here and there the main area that need focus and work is the editing around waterman's lands and the castles/main settlement there is still a fair bit of work on the castle that needs doing e.g. gradients of the walls and decors for the towers and the main settlements has lots of little final things the need bringing up to final finish standard like finishing off the docks making the place feel lived in etc. hopefully I should be on soon to start these things and get the project finished :)



I would like to apply for whamlet2 (also known as /warp carciFuckedUp ;)).
The mini includes a Holdfast and a small farming hamlet.

I want to move the location of the hamlet just slightly, to make better use of the terrain (As seen on the plans).

In the HF lives an old knight and his son with his own family.
It consists of an old tower house with a feasthall/kitchen wing attached. Also there are two houses, one for servants and one stables, inside the palisades of the keep.
The holdfast will be situated on top of a hill, with farming houses, fields and pastures surrounding it.

The farming hamlet will contain approx. 12 houses and will look similar to the new hamlets in the barrowlands (fermont, burnley, etc.).
So, the houses will have sod roofs and i want them to look like the rest of the barrowlands.
Surrounding the houses are big fields and cattle pastures

I made the brick making hamlet at /warp rkf5.

To see my test for the keep, go to /warp luk and fly to the uppermost level.
My Plans:


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For the palisade/stake wall, I suggest testing with styles akin to the dreadfortvillage, mistwood and wull. The wall in your test seems like it is made of logs. Try using wood for the top block so it doesnt seem like the thin log has been nailed into the thick one, but rather that it is the same log.

The above can be done by simply replacing the exposed log with the 6-sided spruce wood block. It should blend with the logs below it perfectly and limit the amount of work. I should know, I replaced the logs of a whole section of wall with wood. Might as well pass on the wisdom
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Application Update:

I changed the palisades, as AerioOndos and Iwan suggested.
Also, i changed up the tower house quite a bit, with help from Dama.

2019-06-13_11.57.23.png 2019-06-13_11.57.17.png 2019-06-13_11.57.02.png


Now i'm done with whamlet2 i want to apply for the next mini.
I hope it's not too early after my last mini, but i want to post it anyway.

These are my plans for whamlet1:
The economy of the hamlet is focused on the big tannery complex,
so there are lots of cattle farmers, a butcher, fields for feeding the cattle, and a watermill to grind the crops.
I want to keep a few of the current builds, which are the first man ruin and the brigde in the middle of the hamlet (marked on the plan).
For the tannery, i want to take the tannery in the WH sprawl as inspiration, with those large barrels on the riverside.

- Light green areas: first man ruin, bridge
- Green: fields
- Orange: roads
- Light orange area: Tannery complex
- F: Farmer
- B: Barn
first off i approve the holdfast that luk recently completed I'm very impressed by luk_eman skills and the final results were amazing very please with how the holdfast turned out and secondly plans for the hamlet look good to me i approve of that too :) great stuff luk !


Short Update on my Application:
I want to move the location for the watermill, since the small stream is probably not big enough.
Also, an idea for the community building by dama: making it an ale house / tavern.
Will figure those things out once i start plotting