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I found it while searching for Game of Thrones themed Minecraft servers. I had previously been jumping server to server, trying to find the perfect community to build GoT related cities to RP with. I got tired of not finding anything and finally searched, "Minecraft Game of Thrones server" and WesterosCraft was revealed to me! I read as much as I could, all at the same time downloading the launcher and connecting to the world!

Harry Potter, The Hobbit/LoTR, Skyrim (if it counts?)

All of the above

My favorite character by far is the Hound, Sandor Clegane. He is easily my favorite character for so many reasons... The most obvious are his hilarious insults to anyone and everyone, including King Joffrey... His brutality and strength is also something to behold. I think he has great character development and hes also one of the few characters still alive! He is also my last hope for someone to kill the Mountain...

Absolutely. I am a pretty good builder as is, but what I think I have that is valuable is the room and desire I have for growth. In addition to my eagerness to learn, I have a lot of leadership and management experience in my life that I hope to one transfer to this server. I have been to many national leadership conferences, with Buckeye Boy's State (Ohio's premier leadership program) being amongst the many I have attended. My skills with management can be attributed to my first job when I was 18, where I was offered management at my job, but I declined so I could attend college. The next two management jobs I currently hold - both of which I received as a Freshman at my college. I am an executive in our admissions department, so I oversee all our student workers...Freshmen through Seniors. I also manage groups of students who struggle in college and mentor them. These are some of the taught skills I have. Some of my natural skills include leadership, determination, motivation, and last but not least, a strong work-ethic.

I want to build on WesterosCraft for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, I am in love with this server. I have yet to be let down by what has been done here, and I want to be part of this amazing project. Second, I think that my skills can help with this project and I want to contribute to this. Third, I am OBSESSED with Game of Thrones, and this is exactly the type of environment I want to immerse myself in. I have always wanted, as I said above, to be in a GoT universe, especially one where eventually I'll be able to roleplay and enjoy that part of the experience. Another reason is a little more personal, but I would very much like to refine and sharpen my building skills, and I think that the experience of the people around me on WesterosCraft will help me develop those skills more than anything else. The biggest reason I can give for wanting to build is just my genuine desire to want to be a part of this amazing server you all have worked so hard on already. I absolutely love GoT and would like nothing more than to be involved in WesterosCraft.


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Hey W1ck3dWolf,

Thanks for the application! Your house seems like a pretty good start, I think we should be able to get you up to server quality quickly enough! I'll jump right into some feedback before giving a challenge build to work on:

- The wood wall blocks holding up the thatch roof are unnecessary, and feel a bit clunky. Likewise with the wood gables on each side of the roof. You did the thatch roof itself pretty well, so without these things the house should look much nicer. I recommend taking a look at the houses in /warp wintertown for some examples.

- The fireplace/chimney in the house is a bit large for such a small house, I would recommend doing a 1-block (or 2-block at the very most) wide design instead. There are plenty of examples at /warp furnish in-game.

- Work on the rafter design (holding up the thatch roof) a little, instead of having a single log I would recommend using wood slabs/stairs going across instead. Generally, try to avoid log blocks in interiors because they seem a bit too heavy/clunky.

- When using workbench/cabinet blocks, like here, you should always cover up all sides except one, since it doesn't really make sense to have drawers on two sides. You can usually do this easily using a half door block, or clever placement of furniture.

I recommend studying builds like King's Landing a little more, and you'll probably find resources on the server like /warp furnish and /warp gradient helpful as well.

Once you're ready, for a challenge build please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp sweetport (i.e. the ones with white daub & wattle and bedrock slate rooves). Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and good luck!

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Hey W1ck3dWolf,

Thanks for the update! You're definitely improving since the last build. In general, I think your exteriors are getting closer, though your interiors still need a bit of work. Here's some feedback and suggestions though:

- The daub & wattle uses a bit too much of the "plain white daub" block- the facades should primarily be daub & wattle patterns, with the plain white daub only being used in small amounts (typically framed & around windows) to make it a little easier on the eyes.

- The wood features on the exterior of the house are too bulky/unnecessary. When adding extra details to the house, try to make sure they serve a purpose and that you're not just adding details for the sake of adding details. Generally, try to make your house interesting in the planning stages (e.g. I usually try to make a 3D structural model of the house in wool) and after that your house should be fine when using actual materials- you should only need to add very subtle details.

- The roof shape is a little odd, since you mix two different slopes so it's a bit "wavy". In general, rooves should always have linear slopes: either 45 degrees (i.e. stairs, stairs, stairs, stairs) or 60 degrees (i.e. block, stairs, block, stairs...).

- Avoid "crate spam" in/outside houses- for instance, here. It's really tempting sometimes to fill up empty space with storage stuff, but usually it doesn't make much sense and ends up looking messy. In this case, try making a veggie garden there instead.

- The interiors are too empty in general. Also, you need to have rafters instead of flat ceilings.

I think you should work on interiors a bit before your next build- I recommend again checking out /warp furnish on our server, and also just exploring builds such as King's Landing and Sweetport and looking at the interiors in more detail.

Once you're ready, for another challenge build please make a house in the style of /warp woodwright. Good luck! Feel free to ask if you have any questions or want tips.


Alright, I actually got that done quicker than I thought. I used the models found at /warp woodwright to help me with the overall shape and style (obviously). I tried a new interior style; making it less open and a bit more crowded. I think my problem with interior design is I feel like there needs to be tons of space to move around, so it often looks empty and weird. This is a Middle Class house by the way!

Hey W1ck3dWolf,

Thanks for the update, this house is a huge improvement! You're definitely starting to get the hang of the interiors down. Here's some more fb (many of the details are pickier this time):

- Avoid using trapdoors as details, since guests can go around toggling them and the texture isn't great. For the flowerpot here, use oak half door blocks in place of the trapdoor blocks.

- Also in the above picture, see if you can try making a less bulky detail to go over the window (or none at all). The curved slab things generally don't look nice imo.

- When you make stairs such as here, either put upside-down stairs under them or possibly put fence supports under them, so you don't get that hard 90-degree angle between stair blocks on the underside. The rest of that floor looks excellent though.

- The shelf in the back here being held up by ropes doesn't make much sense, think of how much effort it would take compared to just making it a normal table.

- Don't use this much smoke in the chimney; when you have a lit fire in an ordinary house it wouldn't produce that much visible smoke. One or two smoke puffs is sufficient.

- Overall your interiors are loads better aesthetically, though I'd still like you to think about function a bit more. For instance, on the second floor you use up a lot of space just for a chair looking out of the window. Would this have a lot of use for them? Try to put yourself in the lens of the average medieval peasant family- where would they cook? How many children would they have? etc. (Again, there weren't any major issues with your interiors here, I'm just being picky)

For another challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp whiteharbor. Good luck!


Thank you very much! I will get on that as soon as possible! And I appreciate all the feedback you are giving me!


Alright here is my version of a middle class house in the style of Whiteharbor. I noticed early on that I used the wrong shutters, so I went and changed them for the final pictures! I hope you like it, I'm super excited to get started on the real server!!

Hey W1ck3d,

Looking good! There are a few important issues I have with this house, though less issues I have with it overall. The interiors are again an improvement.

- The gradient is the main issue; you appear to have used the wrong plaster type in the house. You can tell because it forms a harsh edge with the white harbor bricks, rather than blending smoothly. I recommend looking at the white harbor palette guide in more detail, also /warp gradient on the server.

- The vines are too messy as well. When putting vines on houses, you want to avoid having "stringy" vines or messy ones. Instead, you should have one or two large(r) continuous patches of vines covering parts of the house. Think of how vines actually grow on houses. Also, make sure the vines connect to the ground somehow, since they need nutrients to grow.

- The interiors seem good overall, but the rooms are a bit too large and open. When you have a large open floor with a relatively low ceiling, it makes the proportions seem a bit odd. I'd divide each of the floors into a couple rooms.

- Minor thing, but I'd swap out the light thatch here for dark thatch, it complements the dark roof color more imo.

You're getting there! I think a couple more challenge builds and you should be there. For the next one, let's try a Vale build: please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp wickenden. Good luck!


Alright here is the Vale challenge you gave me. I modeled the exterior off of one house found at /warp wickenden. I did add/remove certain things so it was my build. The interior is completely custom, and the garden and wood chop is my own work as well.

Hey W1ck3dWolf,

This house looks great! I still have some feedback (most picky/style-specific things though):

- In Wickenden, you'll notice that most of the houses don't have overhangs on the gables; the roof is flush with the wall. We do this in a number of builds because having overhangs on the lengthwise ends of the roof can look very awkward when you're viewing the house from the side. However, you'll still see builds with overhangs sometimes, it depends on the style. The best thing to do is just look closely at the style you're building in and make sure you do the same type of roof.

- The Arryn banners don't make much sense; average peasant/merchant houses wouldn't display the banner of the great house they're under (which would sometimes change fairly often due to conquests). The average person doesn't play the game of thrones ;)

- Make sure to cover up slate ceilings from the inside with upside-down wood stairs and half doors. Slate tiles are heavy, so it needs to be supported from the inside.

- Avoid having "bubble yards", i.e. a yard with an organic and ill-defined shape. In Wickenden, you'll notice that the gardens are (mainly) made up of either straight or diagonal lines.

For a tentative final challenge, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp fairmarket. Note that the style here is a bit more complex, so make sure to take your time! I'm sure you'll do fine though. Good luck!


Alright I've got my fingers crossed on this one! I really think I nailed this build! Let me know what you think of my Fairmarket, middle class house for 4! *Side note* I fixed the rafters I told you about in game! Tried some new setups and really took inspiration from Fairmarket. Watching a builder for awhile also helped me out A LOT I might add... Well, here it is!

Hey W1ck3dWolf,

Finally got the time to take a closer look!

The house looks great, would fit in very well in Fairmarket. Here's just a couple more brief points of feedback:

- The roof should have half doors or overhangs on the sides (I already talked to you about this in-game though)

- The bottom floor seems a bit too spacious still, I would recommend dividing it into some more rooms. In the future I would recommend trying to plot an interesting floorplan out in wool around the same time you're planning the exteriors in wool. I pretty much plan out the entire house before adding exterior/interior details. It might seem like a lot but it ultimately simplifies the whole process and leads to better results.

- What's the purpose of the bronze on the first floor cabinet? Seems a bit unecessary/unrealistic.

Other than those things, I'm quite happy with how your building has improved, so consider yourself approved! Ask a mod in-game to promote you to NewBuilder if it doesn't do so automatically.

Please make sure to read the New Builder guide here: http://westeroscraft.wikia.com/wiki/Newbie_guide
And also make a probation thread in the probation forum. You can start building at any open locations on the server; a probie leader will post on your thread and continue to give you constructive feedback on your houses until the end of the month, in which case you'll be fully promoted if there are no further problems.

Welcome to the team, I look forward to building with you! :D
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