Update Application - District 5

District Description : The Old Gate is one of the 7 gates of King's Landing which directly faces north . It is located near the center of the northwestern wall near Rhaenys's Hill and has The Street of Silk located on its southeast .

New Canon : In the reign of Maegor I Targaryen, Maegor had his own wife and queen, Alys Harroway, tortured to death and executed. Following her death, Alys's body was cut into seven parts and mounted on spikes above each of the seven gates of the city, one of which was above the Old Gate.

During the Dance of the Dragons, a massive riot broke out in the city. The captains of the Old Gate and Dragon Gate managed to sally out and restore some semblance of order to the streets north and east of Rhaenys's Hill.

In the Regency of Aegon III, the Hand of the King, Tyland Lannister commanded the city gates to be strengthened so they could better resist attacks from within the city walls.

District's Current State : The district is quite outdated at the moment , currently , it has 2 Brothels , 1 Tavern , 1 Stables , 1 , Glassbower , 1 Custom's Office , 1 Barracks and an open air theatre on the square. it borders KL4 to the west and KL6(which includes Street of Silk) to the south/east

Update Plans : First of all , the district has the "square 2" style according to Emot's map which includes quote " more of a festive vibe with some rustic thatch rooves rather than the grand, imposing facades of KL1 " which i believe would create cohesiveness issues with the surrounding districts of KL4 and Street of Silk which has only a single thatch rooved house , however , i plan to stick to the "festive vibe" and northern pale timber as mentioned in the related post here . Now coming to the plotting , after a brief chat with scubooty who leads the bordering district of KL4 we decided it'd be better if we downsized(horizontally) the tavern and custom's office and moved the buildings into Scub's district for the purpose of making a smooth transition between the two district (shown in the map below) . Now about the square itself , i plan to keep the open air theatre yet will move the theatre to the west alongside the tavern leaving more open space for the square itself . Furthermore , i thought it might be a cool idea to add a simple , subtle column in the center of the square since it is called "the old gate" but the square itself wont have many stands and stuff going on besides a few here an there since i mentioned earlier that it is my intend to make it more festive . Additionaly i plan to remove the barracks for there is already a barracks at the end of the same street and use the emptied space for something else perhaps a shopping area for the Street of Silk(i plan to make buildings closer to the Street of Silk fancier) and finally i want to add due to the fact that it is one of the smallest districts if not the smallest i plan to make every building somehow unique in the shape and builders with old buildings there are more than welcome to redo their previous stuff! thank you for reading , there is more information on the map below.

kl 5.PNG
Green = small update
Orange = Remarkable update ,
Red = total redo or moving
Purple = new building seperated from a previous bigger one
The brothel and stables are seperated into 2 diferent buildings to create a better transition(shown with yellow stripes)
4 sided star = middle class
5 sided star = middle-high class
6 sided star = high class
Red X = to be removed , Red rectangles are the buildings to be moved and Yellow rectangles are the locations they will be moved

Tests : Before having a peek at my test keep in mind that these only indicate the style not an actual location from the district since almost all buildings are seperated from each other within the district hence they will be unique . Here is the tests i made , you can have a closer look at my plot /warp batel . Thanks for reading!


The Dark Lord Sauron
Talked with Batel about his plans in-game and I'm happy to approve! Just a couple notes from our discussion:

- I'd be fine with the open-air theater being made about 1.5x larger after being moved into the space of the current tavern, keeping the same overall design though.

- Since it turns out that the barracks up the street were firemen rather than city watch, Batel wants to turn the barracks on the square into a larger city watch complex, taking the space of the two adjacent houses. One of these houses is just outside his district, but I'm fine with the district being expanded to include it. I've told him to make a test for the complex before doing anything to the houses.
just to let people know , there are 4 only interior plots waiting for some skilled builders to complete them in kl5! they are marked with oxidized bronze blocks .

i invite everbody to give me a hand :)
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hi !
i'm testing for a build there, and I was asking myself : if the old build had white wood, is it ok with me to put some ? like, as a reference, as we are doing an update, if this is ok to keep it, or if white wood is banned ?
this is more of a question for the mods, and the KL commity in general, about how we could approach the vibe of old buildings

thanks :D


hi !
i'm testing for a build there, and I was asking myself : if the old build had white wood, is it ok with me to put some ? like, as a reference, as we are doing an update, if this is ok to keep it, or if white wood is banned ?
this is more of a question for the mods, and the KL commity in general, about how we could approach the vibe of old buildings

thanks :D
Hey Guillard! Yes, white wood is allowed in that area. Painted wood is also allowed but not as a dominant theme. Hope this answers your question!
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Hello ! finished the test for the tavern in the corner of the square, it's a festive well-off tavern, centered around a stage were singers and musicians come show their skills and entertain a culture and emotion avid public !


thanks for looking :D goodnight :)
As the square started to take shape , i want ask the whole community for ideas to make the brothel in kl5 more interesting . I want that brothel to stand out , to dominate the square and all the buildings around it becoming something unique . Please feel free to put some signs suggesting changes on top of it or make some tests in the air . I thank you all !!
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I have finished my test for the tavern in kl5. I tried to make it a very noble and gloomy interior for the first floor, while more light-hearted activities and rambunctiousness continued up on the second and third. The 4th floor is for servants and the chef, as well as a bathroom


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after speaking with both builders about their visions for the tavern and checking them in-game , i decided to go with guillaaard's test . i find his vision of "festive well-off tavern" where musicians and singers take stage more suiting for my "festive" vision for the square itself , thanks to both builders for taking the time to test for the tavern :)
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