In Progress Update Application - District 25 "Kingsgate Quarter" - Ark


Dowager Countess of Grantham
Ahoy all!

Just an update on the district - thanks for your patience; I've finally managed to go through all the builds and review and approve almost all. I've left a few bits of feedback on houses that are either incomplete, have been reserved but not finished, or have been damaged by tests being pasted in. Please review any of your builds and make the relevant changes or finishing touches.

I've opened up all the remaining plots on the West side of the district, including testing for the Timberhouse and a new washhouse beside the Father's Sept. If you have outstanding tests for any of the other structures, please let me know and I'll review them.

The east side of the district on the hill will be replotted soon and opened shortly.

Thanks again for your patience!