Update Application - District 22

Hi Des, thanks for applying.

At the moment I think this application needs more details. I understand most of your plans, but I would like to see some tests to demonstrate what you mean by high/middle class, and how the transition into flea bottom will look. For example, what sorts of blocks/house styles do you want to use?. I think you also need to address how many plots will be red/orange/green. You say they are mostly outdated - are you proposing a total redo, or update? I like the idea of the area being a focus point for tailors and cloth manufacturing, and moving the tailors guild to a more prominent position sounds reasonable.
emot spoke to me and said that you guys were holding off on district applications until some things were sorted. also he wanted to wait for the dragonsquare to be more complete before doing surround districts. not sure if that rule has changed or not? if it has then ignore what i said lol
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Hey Des,

Now that the Dragon Square exteriors are in a mostly complete state, we'll be resuming adjacent district apps. We'll be making a post in the coming days detailing some general updates to the KL remaster guidelines, one of them being that we'd like to see more stylistic testing included in the applications, to ensure consistent styles between districts - though Codd already asked you for some tests anyways.

Also, if anyone else is still interested in putting up a competing app for the district (IronGentleGiant ), we'll give a window of 1 week starting now.
Hi Des,

Your plans and tests look good to me, so you have my approval! I'll want to walk through the house red/orange/green classifications with you before you open up the district for building, since I have some minor suggestions to make.

Also, before you start, could you explicitly mention which special builds will have to be applied for via the forums? Presumably the old gate/tavern and the tailor's guild - anything else?