The Almanach



The Almanach explains several overarching aspects of our game, but is kept vague on some details to allow for some creative freedom down the line. There are some aspects that are still blank or unfinished which is where we need your input/ ideas:

  • Terminology (all words in italics)
  • Landmarks (what are they? which items do they produce? how do they work? buffs + boni, which landmark goes where?)
  • Transport: Elevators
  • Abilities, Region& Religion
  • Crafting Recipes and Items + Workbench Types
  • Resources (Types and distribution across Westeros)
  • Food (types of food and how it is produced - crafting recipes)
  • Unlocked Class-Specific Items (and crafting recipes)
  • The Warden Metagame LINK
  • Quests Related Items
  • King's Court / Holding the Iron Throne (How do we even?)
  • Usurping a Warden - Exile (Mechanics unclear)
  • Interactions between Families, Costs of ADA and causes, has to be balanced specifically
  • Political consequences: Punishable actions : Steal, Trade, Explore, Trespass
  • Dialogue + NPC Gossip
  • Locked Subforums
  • Climbing
  • Death (Permadeath, time penalty?, immediate respawn? item or xp loss?)

If you think you have a great solution for any of these points make a new thread with the following title tag: 'Almanach Expansion:' + 'Aspect that you want to expand'. Then post the link to that thread in here!

You may also post feedback on other points in the Almanach, but please make a separate post for individual aspects instead of dumping it all into this thread. In this case, the thread should be labeled with 'Almanach Feedback:' + 'Aspect you are commenting on'.

Be aware that we cannot incorporate every idea and select them according to what we think fits best into the overall gameplay.


Note: Quoted from @Thamus_Knoward

In order to move forward effectively together with the coding in UE4, we should focus on distilling out clear prototypes from the Almanach and playtest/ balance them extensively, so they can work as a separate unit.

Hal explains the required process here.


  • Read through the design document, mark off concepts which are decoupled from Minecraft and can be prototyped in a standalone environment.
  • Of those, isolate only ones that have been sufficiently developed.
  • Prioritize these concepts in order of their importance to the RPG schema.
  • Determine what resources we need for prototyping that concept (UI designs, frameworks, etc.).
  • Delegate these 'prototypes' accordingly to whomever is available or willing
  • Do thorough QA / balance tests on each concept following development (can ship test executables to literally anyone willing to give feedback).
  • Maintain one project to merge in things we find successful and try and combine them effectively.



Here's another, more to come! I do need some clarification from someone on some topics however... what are we looking for in these categories? Like a little more explanation would be nice:
1. Transportation: Elevators ???
2. Interactions between families etc. ???
3. Climbing ???
4. Dialogue + NPC Gossip ???
If someone from the MMO team could explain what is need for these topics a little better, I'd love to think on it and submit my ideas.

Thanks y'all!