In Progress Summerhall - Cash


1 year
9 months
3 days
3 redesigns
1 compass reorientation
1 Dornish Marches terrain set swap
35 ruined houses
and 8,498 pebble layer blocks later

Summerhall is ready for post approval
(plus the Gallows Grey foster).


I'm annoyed I've somehow misplaced my list of builders who have assisted with building (then ruining) the village houses and castle infrastructure, but know that I immensely appreciate you all. You helped by not just getting the project closer to completion, but by each giving me new ideas for how to use our block set in creative ways to weather the town and castle. Thanks to Aeks, Endy, Sseri, Marg, Nuggs, Azulejo, Lem, Dutch, Kai, jmc, Emote and Tham for helping figure out the Dornish Marches reterra as well.

Ironically, I think ruining a castle can be trickier than just building a regular one. The limits of our block set were certainly tested, requiring some outside-the-box thinking in order to show things like mossy/deteriorating daub and plaster, shattered roof tiles, burnt structural logs etc (woe to however takes on Harrenhal :p).


/warp summerhall
/warp gallowsgrey
/warp gallowsgreyh1
/warp gallowsgreyh2

Things to keep an eye out for:
- Floating moss
- Bad pebbles
- Weird/bad striations on nearby mountains
- Any underground grass.


I've been staring at this thing for so long I've no idea what looks good/bad any more. Hopefully the overall structure is ok/leaves enough to the imagination and it lives up to the hype and mystery in the books.


I'm hoping that Emileld will be happy enough with how I finished off Gallows Grey, seat of House Trant.


Can't wait for it to be outdated by the next Dunk and Egg story.

Over to you Veggie and thecoddfish.
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