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Hi, all!

As you may know, I've been leading our social media efforts on Facebook and Twitter for the past few months. I've been trying to showcase our great work, but I'm still figuring out what works best to engage our audience. I'm going to use this thread to crowdsource some ideas for posts/campaigns/etc. and store various shader resources I've found so far.

In the past two months I've been focusing on houses with house words for my posts because the mottos serve as short and easy image captions. However, as not all houses have words, doing so excludes a lot of our work. I've so far considered using descriptions from canon materials or house coat of arms, but sometimes these can be lengthy or even non-existent. Are there any types of captions you would like to see in cases where no house words exist?

Additionally, as I'm pretty busy lately with a new job, I'd love to build a dedicated social media/pr team to help me write copy, monitor social media, take shaders, make promo materials (video, graphic design, etc.), and come up with new methods of reaching out to the public in a post-Game of Thrones world. Let me know if you're interested and what you'd be willing to contribute. I'd especially love to get people familiar with either Reddit or Pinterest.
An option for captions where no house words are present could be a description of lands. maybe some could dare the viewer to try and find an interesting feature of the lands e.g. climbing the highest peak at Knott, finding Garth's Valley in Holyhall,
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I'd love to help with any graphics needed! As well, I believe we need to start pushing for videos outside of WC Walks, which is a type of video for a special few. While I respect them, I personally don't care much for the format. Since the beginning I have been interested in creating videos where I/someone else is building and showing the process of a project while also showing the antics of the server. However, I don't have the computer for this.

While the projects are a major aspect of the server, I remember joining my first month and being riveted by the process of building and designing as well as the elements of the community and how they/we engage. This may just be the designer in me, that loves to learn about the careful thought and detail behind anything. But going "yeah this is a home, it must be chandler" is kinda boring as I'm more intrigued to know that the builder has researched and come to a general, rudimentary understanding of a medieval chandler and how they made candles. And rather than stating the basic reason behind the layout of a town, it'd be so much more cool to have the actual project lead describe it as they're working on it.

The process and the detail is what makes the projects what they are, and while the end product is generally awesome, the truly exceptional part is how we got there.
I'd love to have you on board! I totally agree about new video types, but unfortunately I too don't have the computer for it. If we can get one more person who'd like to do video production, that'd be awesome! :)
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The Old Bear
One useful thing could be to create a google drive accessible only via invite to some members capable of taking shader shots. That way whenever you plan to post, lem, you just have to go to the drive and pull something from there.

Speaking for myself, I have a new computer and am toying with creating videos for our channel. I created the cinematic that just went up-- I feel it was timed well, coinciding with @electricthrusts and @HardzzGaming 's walks. The latest cinematic was more of a proof of concept that I was actually capable of doing these kinds of videos now. I'm not committing to a schedule of upload as last time it was just a recipe for getting burned out, but I definitely see both of our efforts aligning some how.

I think the idea of actually recording some building is great-- I might reach out to a couple of the people I've grown close to over the last few weeks building Duskendale. I can see it being possible that I could record both myself building, with others building around me too when I come to open more plots.
I think our current schedule with the WesterosCraft Walks videos is regular enough that we wouldn't have to worry about a strict schedule for additional videos. I'd love to have you on board if you're willing!

Essentially, my plan for this team was to have primary communication in PMs on the forum here and to create a shared Google Drive for the group to draw from and contribute to. As it stands working on my own, I've been collecting whatever shader images I can from the WCW team, the wiki, and whoever volunteers to take some for me, and I have a bit of a system on my computer. Unfortunately, not all of the images indicate their location or I'm just unfamiliar with them, so I've been having a hard time putting them in the right place (and therefore I can't use them). A Google Drive would really make things easier for everyone involved.