Snow border terra


Hello there,

the snow border is currently an area which consists apart from a few small areas of worldpainter terra which looks rather bad compared to other areas on the server. There are currently quite a few projects in that area WIP (Dreadfort, Frost, Burley) or in the application process (Slate), yet there are almost no terra guides for the area. I suggest this thread to gather the best practices for that particular part of Westeros, as it faces some unique struggles.
The currently best way of doing the transition is using spots of snow cover which are surrounded by normal terrain, like it was pioneered at a small part north of Winterfell.
While this works well on plains or maybe even hills, there are large parts of the snow border area in forrests, where this technique is rather difficult to do. That's why I developped a new forrest type for the forrests on the coastal plains and wolfswood parts of Burley that can be used elsewhere for larger transitions.
The forrest imagines the following weather situation: The last snowfall was a few days ago. The wind has blown the snow away from the needles of the trees. In addition, the snow on the floor has started to melt away, but there is still snow cover left.
This forrest test is currently floating between Thornhill and Burleycastle, but will be used in the terra in this place. The forrest is based on the idea that there is no snow under the area that is directly covered by trees. This is area is marked by placing a placeholder block at air blocks which are below non air blocks, until the command doesn't result in block changes. This and my lack of knowledge on automatically placing trees is the reason why this forrest is not completely scripted yet. Once the covered blocks are marked, adjacency masks are used to mark zones of ceratin block types (snowy mud, snow and leaves covered by snow for grass effects). The following commands can be used for creating the forrest, though the commands can be further optimized:

Mark area
/gmask !air&[<air]
//set green

Place trees (Wolfswood S,M; TinyPine for border)

/gmask air&<[!air]
//set blue
Until everything is filled

/gmask green&<[air]
//set white
//gmask blue
//Set air

//gmask [green]
//replace ~[white][1][8] red
//gmask [white]
//replace ~[red][1][8] red
//replace ~[red][1][8] yellow
//gmask [green]
//set 25%2,25%13,25%2033:4,25%2034
//gmask red
//set 2079:3
//gmask yellow
//set 80
//gmask white
//set 2296
//gmask >2296
//set 78:0
//gmask >[2]&air
//set 31:1
//gmask >[2079:3]&air
//set 30%31:1,70%air
//gmask 2296
//replace |[air][1][8] 80
//replace |[78:0][1][8] 80
//set 50%2296,50%18
//gmask >80
//set air

If anyone else wants to share techniques for the snow border area, feel free to add them to this thread. (I am also interested in a WE way for creating the snow patches.)