Shield Islands Terra Redo


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Still standing by for word from _Simbaa and IMajic but here's a prelim bash of the islands in world painter

Greyshield (west most)

Greenshield (north most)

Southshield (..south most)

Still figuring out the mountains, next main step will be working out how to use worldpainter to auto-generate the forests,, grasscover and ground mix.


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Sorry for not responding earlier to the post, I wasnt active for the last month or so.
I have been working on southshield terra for a while and here are some things Ive come to realize while working on it.
While originally I tried to stick to the height map similar to the current one, I have in the end decided to change the style to be closer to channel islands for the following reasons:
1. Build-able space - the islands are by no means big and I found out the mountains simply take too much space, while this isnt as a big of a problem for houses, it would be issue for agriculture, as there would be no way to fit enough fields to make the island sustainable, furthermore It would also limit the amount & size of hamlets on the island
2. Scale - while without man-made structures the mountains do look decently to-scale they will start rapidly getting "dwarfed" by the presence of man made structures, especially castles and towers. (this was the main reason why I nuked my old nearly completed Southshield-test in favor of the current one)

The current theme I was going for was the channel islands between UK and France (Jersey, Guernsey) as I think their geography was most suitable for recreation on our server - as they lack any high peaks and suitable for agriculture with their mostly flat topography, furthermore their cliffs provide plenty of opportunities for elevation.
For those interested my tests can be found at /warp Southshieldtest I do have certain sections of the coastline completed and now that I will be more active again You can expect more to pop up soon.


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I am sorry as well cash, I also had not seen this post.
I am very thankful for the hard work you put into these.

I have the same concerns as _Simba.
I tried to go for a lot of different terrain such as mountains/wetalnds, I found it was to much to fit on the tiny islands while doing tests.

I was also advised by Dragons about 2 years ago [which was when I first tested] which he was correct with the source of inspiration was to being the channel islands which are quite flat, they have sandy and rocky beaches and are quite cliffy. ect... as stated by _simbaa
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Thanks for taking a look guys.

My key motivator for this was to just have something replace the placeholder islands on the map. I don't mind at all if these worldpainter versions are scrapped down the road.

While it's great that you guys are interested in developing them, it doesn't seem like we have any timeframe for when you will be ready to take them on as full time projects. Rather than leave them in placeholder limbo, I'm proposing we swap in basic worldpainter islands until you are ready to work on them.

Sim I'd be absolutely fine if you wanted to replace the worldpainter Southshield entirely with the version you've made when you want to work on it (though AFAIK you're doing Boggs?)

I'd also happy to tailor them in worldpainter now to be more consistent with your plans if you wanted to post some inspiration photos, I'm not wedded at all to their current designs, I just based them on the rough shapes that are there currently.


Honestly to answer the time frame question:
I have been working on Southshield as my side project for quite a while, Hoping that once I finish around 90% of the island terra I would try to apply for it as an ''immersion" unless Boggs would be finished before hand.
For the time frame, I think with some dedication I could finish at-least the coastline terraforming around December, given that it is the most time consuming part.

For the inspiration:


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Finally remembered to get around to these Shield Islands. I think I'm happy enough with these islands now. The contours are designed to match the minis that had been originally scaled up for the islands. They won't be perfect but should be an improvement on the placeholder nightmare that's currently in place. It'd be good to have them pasted in before the 1.18 migration.



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Islands are now pasted. RIP inflated placeholder model islands 2017-2023.

Will add in the ocean in the next few days. I'm up for tidying up the shoreline around Lord Hewitt's Town on Oakenshield as well, believe MDM deliberately left it unfinished so it could be done in the same style as the other islands down the track.