S8E1 "Winterfell"

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  2. I figured I'd be alone on my "excellent vote." We had a GoT Watch Party. While no BofB or WofW it was an amazing start to a new season giving us those amazing reunions, getting excited for the White Walkers to come, and making us laugh. While not perfect my friends and I had a blast after getting our newest fan into it, having her just finish season 7 a literal minute before the premiere. We cheered, laughed, screamed (out of anger) and gasped at a lot of scenes. While the dragon flying scene was wasteful of our time, and the Cersei-Euron cutback undesired, most scenes were done really well! These were interactions and reunions we've wanted for years and they delivered. I simply really enjoyed it, despite its imperfections and dumb moments.

    However, I may have still been on a high after lying to my friend about who dies and lives throughout the series and getting her really pissed at me (She came and knocked on my door only to smack me when I lied about Ygritte living.)

    I'm just happy to have the show be back, and to have a group of friends to all steal a study room in Pajamas with Chinese Take-out and Insomnia Cookies to react with me. So maybe that skewed my perception.
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