Roseroad Route through Bitterbridge

When the new road markings were added on the map I realized that there are two bridges at Bitterbridge that are really close to each other. That on its own would be fine but I thought it is a bit odd that the place is named after this old bridge but then they build another one further south and build a town around it, meanwhile travellers can just use the one to the north. I would assume that it would be in the interest of house Caswell to force travellers on the Rose road to go through the town, bring business, pay customs, etc. just to cross their bridge.

Obviously, I'm not saying that this absolutely has to change but it just struck me as a bit strange and I thought I might as well post it here and see if people think it should be changed.
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The town of Bitterbridge sits along the Mander and was granted a bridge into town, it is a toll bridge for merchants. The lord‘s bridge is upriver as canon dictates. The town was there before the toll bridge, but canon indicates no settlement right up on the actual Bitterbridge, in fact it mentions it to be a lightly wooded plain and then broad open meadow before the keep. So, these two bridges Are a good example of how we expand the world a little with more immersive or logical details. The thriving market town would provide more taxes with a toll bridge and the lord would have been pressured by the town fathers. Logic and realism. It might seem odd but it’s just the extras we do, otherwise the world would all be grey stone keeps and soldier pines.