roaringbroom5 Builder Application



Just happened to google it while trying to figure out how to get a live action map for my world.

I loved the Hobbit and The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson currently on the first book right now. I’m a bigger fan of high fantasy but did enjoy the first Harry Potter book. I also loved the first 2 lord of the rings movies and have ready tons of other fantasy movies.

Game of Thrones


I like Tyrion because I really feel like I can connect with him. When he first travelled to The Wall in book one and he was reading a book about dragons along the way I really felt like I was him reading that book. He is also a nasty fighter in the first book and was able to fend for himself quite fondly when Catelyn Stark captured him and took him to The Vale of Arryn. He is pretty talented with an axe for his size and is very witty which I can appreciate.

I would say that although I have only read one book I am a very big fan of the series and can’t wait to contribute to your server.
Interesting skills besides being a big fan is although I’m only 15 I’ve been playing Minecraft for years and feel as though I have a very good grasp of the game and the blocks it has to offer. As well as some of the new blocks that have been added when I joined this server. I also have a unique and realistic building style that I feel can add something cool to the server.

Although I love exploring the server I want to contribute to it. I feel I can make it better by growing the massive amounts of buildings you already have whilst adding my own building style that fits in with it. I also want to be a part of a community that feels the same way I do about this work of art.



The Old Bear
Hi Roaringbroom5,

Thanks for taking the time to apply,

Unfortunately the build you have linked to would not be appropriate on our medieval-esque server. Be sure to take a look around at some of our builds and try your hand at building something like that!

Nothing complicated-- just a bog standard house! Be sure to ask for advice from whoever's online-- we don't bite!

Good luck,



The Old Bear
Hi Roaringbroom,

I haven't turned your application down by any stretch! -- If you build something that's server appropriate we can go from there.

This is perfectly normal, most applications get 3-4 challenges to show they can build/become better builders! :)


Here is the link to the building I just made. I built it next to a couple others I made before hopefully that isn’t a problem. I also took a photo with me in it so you know I’m the one who made it.


The Old Bear
Hey Roaringbroom,

A good attempt-- you got the core basics down, in terms of shape and furnishings.

Some of your choices are a bit old fashioned, and wouldn't be appropriate on the server.

Some things you need to reconsider on this build;

  • I wouldn't expect to see glass windows on a sod house.
  • We typically don't use conventional torch blocks for interior lighting, our candle blocks would be more appropriate.
  • We have an array of blocks which can be used to fill space if you feel you need to, using trap doors as panelling is generally a no-no.
  • You make a good effort at a furnace with a chimney, so wouldn't need to add two more with no ventilation.
  • Always cover the underside of a roofing material where possible.
Remember, we're building in a largely medieval style, most people were poor so you should avoid things like metal plates, lots of meat hung up, paper notes on the walls.

You'll get there-- it's a learning curve familiarising yourself with all our blocks!

For reference, there are some great sod houses across the server, I've added a warp for one at /warp roaringbroom for you to look at, which was built by Codd at one of my projects. Be sure to take a look around!

For your next challenge please take a look at /warp woodwright in the Reach, and build a house you feel would fit in there!

All the best,

Just got done with my next build hopefully it is up to standards. I tried to use some of your recommendations although I did find it slightly more difficult because this is such a different style home than the last. I did look at the /warp roaringbroom and definitely took some mental notes of how to make my next build better. I also went to /warp wood Wright and tried to copy a middle class home. I used less hung up food like you said and no torches instead only using candles. I also used more cabinets and trunks to make it feel more homy. I found it hard working around the roof with the stairs being right there and thus didn’t really cover up the bottom of the roof like you recommended. Maybe you have some tips for me because I was really stuck on this. I also wasn’t really sure if you still wanted me to cover the underside of a roof if it isn’t sod. I also avoided paper on the wall like you said because the people tended to be poor. Thanks for the helpful recommendations, constructive criticism and getting back so fast on my last build hopefully this one lives up the the standards of the server.
Hi this is roaringbroom again. I wrote my last reply over two weeks ago and I’m sure you guys get a lot of applications so I totally get it I was just wondering where I stand on the list. I’m by no means trying to put anybody in a rush, just wondering where I stand. Thanks



The Old Bear
Hi Roaringbroom,

Apologies-- it's been all hands on deck with server stuff and in real life.

You've missed the mark here, and not built in a style that is server appropriate.

If you're still interested, which I hope you are, I suggest you copy a house exactly from the server, to get a feel for which blocks we use, and what goes where.

Have another go at woodwright, to see how a house there differs from what you've built above.